Numbers for the day

What’s in a number?


Today, I have a lot of numbers going around in my head so I thought I would write about it.

32: Number of candles on my birthday cake (today)

31: Ended my last day of 31 with my daughter who was sick with a fever 😦

30: The age I was supposed to be when Lilly was born

29: The age I actually was, when Lilly was born *see #7

27: Got Married

26: Got Engaged

25: Met my future husband

24: Broken Crayons in our house

23: I bought my first car

22:Moved to Ontario by myself/finished University

21: Can’t come up with anything for 21.

20: transferred from Dalhousie to Acadia University

19: Was legal to drink!!!

18: I am now 18 weeks pregnant

17: Days until the Summer Olympics start! Go CANADA!

16: Half my age (yikes!)

15: Minute walks (x 2) on Monday downtown Halifax (was in town for a meeting)

14: Working days until I start 2 weeks of vacation

13: Friday the 13th this Month!!!!

12: Empty eggs in my egg carton

10: Minute walk during my lunch break today

9: Fruits and Veggies to eat today

8: Days until my friend Kelly’s 32nd birthday

7:10 (July 10th)

  • My due date for Lilly (born 6/14)
  • Also, my birthday!

5: Number of times I had to pee last night…..urgh pregnancy.

4: We will be a family of four in December!

3: Pieces of fruit I’ve eaten today: Grapes, Pear, Cran raisins – those count, right?

2: Pregnancy # 2

1: One furry fluff ball – our retired sled dog Maclean.


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