Athletic clothing: what to wear when pregnant

f I was heading out for a run in July, I’d probably wear shorts and a tank top. Limited clothing as it’s super hot out this summer (my thermometer ready 32 today in Nova Scotia – a little warm).

If it was winter, I’d bundle up in full length pants, long sleeve shirt and my running jacket – and something on my head.

Oh, and of course, my runners.

Now -a-days as my belly is growing I am slowly not fitting into my some of my shorts or  running t-shirts. A slight issue. (18 weeks pregnant)

Side note – I haven’t been able to run during the last two weeks. Pregnancy related pain after I run, extreme heat, and a sick little toddler on our hands.

This is what have worn recently – all bought on sale – and still fit.

Reebok shorts, tank and my Sparkly Soul headband.

 16 – 17 weeks pregnant

I started looking online for maternity athletic clothing and it’s not a hot item for athletic companies like Nike, Reebok etc. And I don’t really want to buy the next size up because I’d like to wear them after the baby is born too.

Then I came across For Two Fitness.

They have some awesome items with really cute sayings, like “running for two”, yoga, cycling, dancing etc for two. They have everything from tank tops to t-shirts, yoga pants, head bands etc. The clothing provides lots of room to grow – which is key during pregnancy. You want to be comfortable and not always pulling your shirt down or your pants up!

The lovely folks at For Two Fitness have provide my readers with a 20% off coupon!

Coupon Code: “PIPER20”

It can be used on any order but can only be used once per customer and valid until the end of July (31st) 2012.

To redeem, please go to to find out what awesome clothing they have.

I don’t own any of their clothing (yet), but you can see many reviews (testimonials and press) on their website.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!

What do/did you wear during your workouts when pregnant?

Same clothing, next size up, your partner’s clothing, maternity athletic wear?

Was it easy to find maternity “athletic” clothing ?