Motivation Monday #27

Motivation Monday

Can’t believe it’s Monday all over again. This last week just seemed to fly by.

I haven’t had a good workout in over 2 weeks!


I know – bad on me. Especially since I sit here every few days blogging about being active and setting goals.

I have great intentions.

But it’s just not happening. Why?

1 – The heat.

It’s been extremely hot and humid the past few weeks in Nova Scotia and my pregnant body just can’t handle it. Normally, I’d go out in the evening once it’s cooled down – but I can’t even manage that.

2 – I’m pregnant and exhausted.

I work full-time, have a toddler (who’s been sick for the last week), and am just managing everything else. My husband is home but still “in school” and so close to being done.

3 – I need sleep. It’s 8:09 PM as I write this …. and I am falling asleep! Not cool.

4 – I’m nauseous – ALL THE TIME!


5 – Pregnancy related pelvic pain – just not cool.

Don’t get me wrong – I have been active. By active, I mean walking as much as I can but I can’t run at the moment which is really ….. depressing. I see some fellow blogger’s post about training for a 1/2 or Full marathon and all I can think of, is that I am jealous.

I guess on the bright side – in about 21 weeks we will have a new person in our life. So for that, I am thrilled …. but I just wish I could get one awesome run in.

So, I found this picture to motivate myself.

Even when I am tired (always), busy (most days)  – I just have to do something.

I have to do something to make me feel good.

I’ll let you know what it is when I find it 🙂

Cheers, Anna.

Picture from  – Google Images