Fitness Pregnancy Resources (I use)

[Please note, I am not a medical professional or certified fitness trainer. I am simple sharing the resources I have used during my second pregnancy. Please consult your doctor or a certified fitness trainer for fitness advice]

Before I got pregnant with our second baby, I was pretty focused on running and working out at home. My husband was away at school and I was a single parent who worked full-time. I made time to workout, it was one of the first things I scheduled each week. You can read more about it here: the need to run, goal setting, and how exercise kept me from loosing it. Even though there where some days that I hated working out – I still did it because I valued the health benefits I got from working out.

So, when I got pregnant, I simply thought I could keep this up! Ha, who was I kidding? At 6 weeks pregnant, I became extremely nauseous. Now, I’m not talking “I don’t feel well” …. I’m talking nauseous from 9 in the morning until about 8 at night. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t workout and barely managed to function at work (without them knowing I was expecting again). I slept. I slept A LOT! When my husband was home I could fall asleep at 5:30pm and stay in bed (with a few washroom breaks) until 6:30 am! Trying to focus on working out was basically impossible.

I ran, when I could. I walked even more, and my favourite Jillian Michael’s DVD’s seem to become a thing of the past (and something to focus on – in the future).

Then, I started to get more focused on pregnancy fitness and came across some great resources that I want to share with my readers.


1. How to Exercise When You’re Expecting: for the 9 months of Pregnancy and the 5 months it takes to get your best body back. By Lindsay Brin. ($20 roughly).

I found this on the NYC Running Mama’s Blog, on her recent post here. Great resources, food recipes, goal setting, workouts for each trimester and after baby. US info.

2. Today’s Parent – Healthy Pregnancy Magazine ($9.95 Can)

I bought mine from a magazine store. Month by month resources, workouts with pictures. Canadian info.

3. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (though I am rarely reading it for this pregnancy)

4. The Mother of all Pregnancy Books (All Canadian Guide). Nice to have Canadian data and info. I got if from the library.


FitMom DVD. I bought this at Walmart, when I was pregnant with Lilly and believe it was around $10. Great workout, get’s your heart rate up, lots of squats, small weights, a little stretching/yoga poses. A great workout during any stage of your pregnancy – they provide modified moves also.

Prenatal Yoga – I have no recommendations here, as I have only attended classes. However, I am debating on purchasing Jennifer Wolfe’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD.

Don’t forget about the For Two Fitness coupon code for Piper’s Run readers – learn more here – good until July 31st.


Blogggers who have blog about being pregnant and active that I follow:

* note: some are currently expecting, some have little one’s running around

The Happy Runner

The Hungry Runner Girl

The Wannabe Athlete

NYC Running Mama

Bouffe E Bambini

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Fit Pregnancy & Parenting

At 20 weeks pregnant, I am still nauseous but am managing more workouts and help me get that “buzz” back. Running has been put on the back burner (which is rather depressing to think about) but I haven’t ruled it out. I’d just rather not have any pelvic pain after I run and not sure that’s going to happen until I have this baby.

Benefits of being active during pregnancy:

  • Gives you more energy
  • Helps prepare you for birth
  • Reduces pregnancy discomfort
  • Fend off pregnancy blues
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your self image
  • Helps your body get back faster postnatal

Source: BabyCentre Canada

Don’t forget to eat and hydrate well before and after you work out.

For those of you who are pregnant, I hope these resources are of benefit to you.

For those of you who are planning a family (now or in a few years) – get active before you get pregnant,  do your research,  and don’t forget to talk to your doctor about being active during pregnancy.

For everyone else – go get active – it will look good on you.


Note: I was not paid by any of the resources I have written about, these opinions are simply my own. Again, I am not a medical professional or certified fitness trainer. I am simple sharing the resources I have used during my second pregnancy. Please consult your doctor or a certified fitness trainer for fitness advice.

Request for Guest Bloggers + Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts for the day:

  1. Hearing your toddler laugh uncontrolable is the best thing ever (especially when you know her father is involved)
  2. Wearing 1/2 your work outfit (nice maternity top) and soccer shorts in the morning will get some funny looks from your husband. Don’t worry, I put my work pants on before I left the house.
  3. Getting a full night’s sleep (minus a few bathroom runs) is wonderful, especially after getting only 3 the night before.
  4. Making your lunch in the morning at 20 weeks pregnant makes you hungry.
  5. There is only 3 days until the Olympics! Holy moly, I am excited.

Guess Post anyone?

I am looking for 3-4 bloggers to guest post during the week of July 30th – August 3rd.  You can keep with the topics that I write about: Fitness/Running/Working Out, Toddlers/Families, Cloth Diapering, Vegan/Healthy Foods. OR you can share something else.

If you are interested please email me before Sunday July 29th at …… that’s  p i p e r s r u n b l o g {at} g m a i l {dot} c o m

Stay tuned for Pregnancy Resources post coming later today.