Request for Guest Bloggers + Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts for the day:

  1. Hearing your toddler laugh uncontrolable is the best thing ever (especially when you know her father is involved)
  2. Wearing 1/2 your work outfit (nice maternity top) and soccer shorts in the morning will get some funny looks from your husband. Don’t worry, I put my work pants on before I left the house.
  3. Getting a full night’s sleep (minus a few bathroom runs) is wonderful, especially after getting only 3 the night before.
  4. Making your lunch in the morning at 20 weeks pregnant makes you hungry.
  5. There is only 3 days until the Olympics! Holy moly, I am excited.

Guess Post anyone?

I am looking for 3-4 bloggers to guest post during the week of July 30th – August 3rd.  You can keep with the topics that I write about: Fitness/Running/Working Out, Toddlers/Families, Cloth Diapering, Vegan/Healthy Foods. OR you can share something else.

If you are interested please email me before Sunday July 29th at …… that’s  p i p e r s r u n b l o g {at} g m a i l {dot} c o m

Stay tuned for Pregnancy Resources post coming later today.


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