What I Ate Wednesday

As I put this post together today, my husband looked at the pictures and noted that my “plate of food” looked kinda sad. I’ll let you be the judge of that – and I’m okay if it does – we have massive plates.

Afternoon snack: coconut greek yogurt, granola and blueberries (yum)

Okay, so this is where it looks like I eat nothing.

To be fair – the fish in this picture is the size of almost nothing.

When I cooked it on the BBQ in tin foil, I was highly disappointed in the outcome.

Note to self – cook more fish next time.

Lilly and I bought the yellow “beans” at a local farmers market.

She picked them all out but never ate any, hum!



My mother came down last week to help out with Lilly, as my husband was on rotation and I had to work a few days.

We each managed to be home a day or two but couldn’t cover the whole week.

You know, Mom’s make the best meals!

Since my husband is a vegan, and I have a picky toddler – we don’t eat meat that often.

This was the BEST pork dinner I’ve had in months – thanks Mom!

Last but not least – today’s lunch:

Good ol’ Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich on flax bread.


Now, I know I didn’t have amazing meals or pictures of great baked items.

And, I’m okay with that because I simply cannot do it all – all the time.

This is where I am struggle with fitness.

I’ve set my goals to run, dvd workouts, yoga, walking etc in this WIAW post on July 4th.

Well, my schedule has not permitted me to keep to these goals.

My pregnancy (19 weeks now) has given me a little set back  – I can’t run without having pain after.

And, with the heat/humidity we are having, I can’t manage to get in an evening workout.

Not to mention, our darling little girl does not like to go to bed early anymore (8:30/9pm).

So, I’m left to re-evaluate my goals once again.

On my last post, I posted a quote that you can read here: Motivation Monday.

Now, I know I can’t push myself too much as I have a little growing baby to care for, for another 21 weeks (or so).

But, I still need to be active, for me AND for the baby – so I set new goals (yet again).

Fitness as of 19 weeks pregnant:

1. Try to walk in the morning for 20-30 minutes

(before Lilly get’s up and on those days when my husband is home)

2. When I run errands – walk for an extra 10 – 15 minutes around the store, town or sidewalk before getting back into my car.

3. If able to run again – do so at night when it’s cooled off – limited it to 20 minutes.

Then I can hopefully sleep off any pain that may happen.

4. Go back to setting weekly goals – written down on paper,

this would include what day’s I will work out and days I simply cannot.

5. Prenatal Yoga – Buy a DVD as there are no classes until the Fall 😦

Other WIAW posts:

June 20th

May 30th

What did you eat this week?

Any Prenatal Yoga DVD’s you can suggest???

Motivation Monday #27

Motivation Monday

Can’t believe it’s Monday all over again. This last week just seemed to fly by.

I haven’t had a good workout in over 2 weeks!


I know – bad on me. Especially since I sit here every few days blogging about being active and setting goals.

I have great intentions.

But it’s just not happening. Why?

1 – The heat.

It’s been extremely hot and humid the past few weeks in Nova Scotia and my pregnant body just can’t handle it. Normally, I’d go out in the evening once it’s cooled down – but I can’t even manage that.

2 – I’m pregnant and exhausted.

I work full-time, have a toddler (who’s been sick for the last week), and am just managing everything else. My husband is home but still “in school” and so close to being done.

3 – I need sleep. It’s 8:09 PM as I write this …. and I am falling asleep! Not cool.

4 – I’m nauseous – ALL THE TIME!


5 – Pregnancy related pelvic pain – just not cool.

Don’t get me wrong – I have been active. By active, I mean walking as much as I can but I can’t run at the moment which is really ….. depressing. I see some fellow blogger’s post about training for a 1/2 or Full marathon and all I can think of, is that I am jealous.

I guess on the bright side – in about 21 weeks we will have a new person in our life. So for that, I am thrilled …. but I just wish I could get one awesome run in.

So, I found this picture to motivate myself.

Even when I am tired (always), busy (most days)  – I just have to do something.

I have to do something to make me feel good.

I’ll let you know what it is when I find it 🙂

Cheers, Anna.

Picture from  – Google Images

Athletic clothing: what to wear when pregnant

f I was heading out for a run in July, I’d probably wear shorts and a tank top. Limited clothing as it’s super hot out this summer (my thermometer ready 32 today in Nova Scotia – a little warm).

If it was winter, I’d bundle up in full length pants, long sleeve shirt and my running jacket – and something on my head.

Oh, and of course, my runners.

Now -a-days as my belly is growing I am slowly not fitting into my some of my shorts or  running t-shirts. A slight issue. (18 weeks pregnant)

Side note – I haven’t been able to run during the last two weeks. Pregnancy related pain after I run, extreme heat, and a sick little toddler on our hands.

This is what have worn recently – all bought on sale – and still fit.

Reebok shorts, tank and my Sparkly Soul headband.

 16 – 17 weeks pregnant

I started looking online for maternity athletic clothing and it’s not a hot item for athletic companies like Nike, Reebok etc. And I don’t really want to buy the next size up because I’d like to wear them after the baby is born too.

Then I came across For Two Fitness.

They have some awesome items with really cute sayings, like “running for two”, yoga, cycling, dancing etc for two. They have everything from tank tops to t-shirts, yoga pants, head bands etc. The clothing provides lots of room to grow – which is key during pregnancy. You want to be comfortable and not always pulling your shirt down or your pants up!

The lovely folks at For Two Fitness have provide my readers with a 20% off coupon!

Coupon Code: “PIPER20”

It can be used on any order but can only be used once per customer and valid until the end of July (31st) 2012.

To redeem, please go to http://fortwofitness.com/ to find out what awesome clothing they have.

I don’t own any of their clothing (yet), but you can see many reviews (testimonials and press) on their website.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!

What do/did you wear during your workouts when pregnant?

Same clothing, next size up, your partner’s clothing, maternity athletic wear?

Was it easy to find maternity “athletic” clothing ?

Numbers for the day

What’s in a number?


Today, I have a lot of numbers going around in my head so I thought I would write about it.

32: Number of candles on my birthday cake (today)

31: Ended my last day of 31 with my daughter who was sick with a fever 😦

30: The age I was supposed to be when Lilly was born

29: The age I actually was, when Lilly was born *see #7

27: Got Married

26: Got Engaged

25: Met my future husband

24: Broken Crayons in our house

23: I bought my first car

22:Moved to Ontario by myself/finished University

21: Can’t come up with anything for 21.

20: transferred from Dalhousie to Acadia University

19: Was legal to drink!!!

18: I am now 18 weeks pregnant

17: Days until the Summer Olympics start! Go CANADA!

16: Half my age (yikes!)

15: Minute walks (x 2) on Monday downtown Halifax (was in town for a meeting)

14: Working days until I start 2 weeks of vacation

13: Friday the 13th this Month!!!!

12: Empty eggs in my egg carton

10: Minute walk during my lunch break today

9: Fruits and Veggies to eat today

8: Days until my friend Kelly’s 32nd birthday

7:10 (July 10th)

  • My due date for Lilly (born 6/14)
  • Also, my birthday!

5: Number of times I had to pee last night…..urgh pregnancy.

4: We will be a family of four in December!

3: Pieces of fruit I’ve eaten today: Grapes, Pear, Cran raisins – those count, right?

2: Pregnancy # 2

1: One furry fluff ball – our retired sled dog Maclean.


Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday


Happy Monday!

*picture from pinterest

Things I miss doing (while pregnant)

I’m now just over 17 weeks pregnant and feeling good (as long as I stay on my medication for nausea). Over the last few weeks I’ve been missing a number of things that I can no longer to while pregnant – or should I say – what I am choosing not to do while pregnant.

Here are a few things I miss right now:

  • working out vigorously, 5 days a week
  • having a running goal and race in my future
  • ab work outs (crazy maybe, but I love ab workouts)
  • being able to stay up late not pay for it the next day
  • having to re-adjust my pace at work and home (saying no doesn’t come easy to me)
  • running on warm days (if I don’t get it in early, it’s not going to happen in the heat of the day)
  • playing soccer
Things I am loving right now:
  • weekend mid day naps
  • healthy eating (but still manage a few sweets here and there)
  • the excitement of baby kicks, rolls and punches in my belly
  • Lilly’s going to be a big sister
  • summer time (sun, sandals, summer clothing)
  • anticipation of hitting the beach/ocean/lake
  • relaxing
  • great friends

What things did you miss while pregnant?


When you become pregnant – what things to you think you’ll miss the most?

July 4th, What I Ate Wednesday Fitness

First off, Happy 4th of July to my American family, friends, bloggers and followers. Hope you have a smashin’ day celebrating!

This past weekend was Canada Day (July 1st), so I took Friday as a vacation day and Monday was the stat holiday – 4 day weekends are the best. This meant I had a little more time to plan some meals for the family – that everyone ate!!!! Think picky toddler, vegan husband and pregnant me.

This month on Peas and Crayons it’s What I Ate Wednesday & Fitness – two of my favourite things.

Fitness goals for July:

{keep in mind I will be between 17 – 21 weeks pregnant during the month of July} yikes!

1. Run once/twice a week

2. Fitness DVD once a week (Prenatal, Jillian Michael’s)

3. In home workout from my blog (Killer Kardio, Quick Workout and pregnancy focused workout – posts to come)

I hope to work out 2-4 days per week, if my schedule permits, which it hasn’t lately 😦


What I Ate Wednesday:

(Here are a few of my latest favourites/cravings if you wish)

Salad (spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pear, yellow pepers, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)

(cheese and egg on the left, Vegan on the right)

Top plate: Vegan sausages, roasted veggies with spice rub, mushrooms & onions all BBQ’D.

Farmer’s Market – Olive Bread

Bottom plate: BBQ chicken for me plus roasted veggies with spice rub, mushrooms and onions!

Normally, I hate onions, but this is one way I’ll eat ’em.

And for desert that night:

Vegan Strawberry shortcake!

Another delicious dinner:

Olive oil pasta with roasted veggies (with spice rub again) Vegan.

I also had salmon with this – picture not taken because I ate it that fast 🙂

And a little breakfast:

Love Grown granola, Coconut Greek Yogurt and Fresh Blueberries ! YUM!

That’s “July What I Ate Wednesday & Fitness” for ya!