Motivation Monday #31 & My recent workouts

Motivation Monday #31

My recent workouts at 22 weeks pregnant:

Sunday August 5th  – 3 hours of swimming with toddler (1h in the morning, 2h in the afternoon) in my parent’s pool. Heaven in this heat.

Monday August 6th – Family morning walk with Maclean 20 min (before the heat kicked in)

Tuesday August 7th – Morning walk with Maclean (20 min)

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday August 9th – Evening 30 minute walk by myself *

Friday August 10th  – Evening 30 minute walk by myself  *

Saturday – nothing (went to a wedding)

Sunday August 12th – Evening 30 minute walk by myself. *

*Each evening walk I was beyond tempted to run, even just in between power polls. But, I didn’t. I’ve thought about buying a support belt but am having a hard time justifying the purchase when I’ll only use it for another 17 weeks or less.

So, I walk, walk and walk again.

At least it’s better than sitting on my butt at home for 3o minutes 🙂

What motivates you to be active?

What stops you from sitting on your butt all night long?

How do you modify your workouts when you can’t do the workout you REALLY want to do?

Images – from Google.