Unexpected activity (workout)

I hadn’t planned on working out today but somehow managed to go for a 25 minute walk that included climbing 2 set’s of stairs!

After downing my lunch before 11:45 am (while working), I figured that my lunch break was going to be long and painful seeing that I wouldn’t even have my lunch to eat during the break. My eyes were heavy and ready to close and put me into a deep sleep for what could have been an amazing nap. But the reality is, I can’t sleep at work! Even though my eyes/body wanted to so badly today. #joysofpregnancy

I decided to go out and get some fresh air – maybe pick up a few groceries that we needed (milk, yogurt, banana’s) but managed to walk in the opposite direction of the small grocery store.

Sunglasses on.

Purse on shoulder for grocery shopping.

Even changed out of my nice little flip-flop sandals into my comfy, well-worn Birkenstocks (that I wear 99.9% of the time). Heck, I hadn’t planned on working out today.

A cool breeze hitting my face and the sun beaming down – I’d say perfect weather to be outside and NOT in an office.

I didn’t plan on working out today at work but somehow manage to go for a 25 minute walk that included climbing up/down 2 flights of stairs with my purse in tote!

After returning to work I quickly realised with the weather changing into manageable (pregnancy) weather, that I should be bringing extra clothing and my sneakers to work so I can fit in a little walk/workout during my hour long lunch break.

This summer the weather had been amazing – if you’re not pregnant – to be outside : 27 degrees celsius but with the humidity here … it feels like 30C  today. We’ve had up to 30 C but feels like 37 C  with humidity – just brutal when pregnant. Normally, I would LOVE this type of weather. Being pregnant and nauseous all summer long just isn’t cool folks…it’s not.

With Lilly, I was pregnant from Fall – Winter, Spring and had her just before the official start of Summer. This time around I got pregnant in the Spring – Hot Summer – SO looking forward to Fall temperatures and will have the baby just before winter officially starts in Nova Scotia.

As I write this, the baby is going wild – kick kick, punch…kick kick. (Loving it).

Cheers to fitting in an unexpected workout.

PS – Still going to work out tonight – maybe my Fit Mom DVD or some Prenatal Yoga.

When was the last time you worked out (any form of physical activity) unexpectedly ?

What did you do?

Do you ALWAYS plan your workouts/physical activity?