Workouts for the week 8/26/12 – 9/1/12 #25weekspregnant

This week I didn’t set any specific goals of working out, other than to do my DVD once and walk a few times. It was a full week of work for me but the temperatures have been cooling off in Nova Scotia. It’s been great for me at 25 weeks pregnant.

My workouts for last week (August 26th – September 1st):

Sunday August 26th:

  • 30 minute walk (in the dark – sure getting darker earlier)

Monday August 27th

  • Fit MOM DVD

Tuesday August 28th

  • Rest day (plus it was raining outside – good timing for a rest day)

Wednesday August 29th

  • 30 minute walk (a little earlier at night than Sunday)

Thursday August 30th

  • Rest Day

Friday August 31st

  • 29 minute walk (shaved off 1 minute from my 30 minute walk on same route)
  • This was my best walk of the week; very little pain, able to walk a fast pace, my legs felt strong and the temperature outside was perfect

Saturday September 1st

  • My plan was to do Fit MOM DVD but I decided to relax instead after a day out with the family.

That has been one of my best weeks for getting outside walking. It sure helps when your hubby is home at night otherwise it would be Fit MOM DVD at night and trying to fit in a walk during my lunch break at work.

25 weeks pregnant baby #2

(don’t be jealous of my 70’s rocking chair or the toys everywhere)

Workout’s planned for this week (with some flexibility):

  • Sunday (today): Walk around the Zoo with Lilly for 1.5hours plus 30 minute walk at night
  • Monday: Fit MOM DVD (my husband is out every Monday night at the Fire Hall for training plus I really don’t like anything on the TV so there isn’t any competition to be lazy)
  • Tuesday – Fit MOM DVD (Hubby is away and can’t work out at lunch as I have a meeting over my lunch hour)
  • Wednesday – Rest   (Hubby is away and I am on the road all day)
  • Thursday – Rest (I am on the road again all day)
  • Friday – Walk for 30 minutes
  • Saturday – Walk for 30 minutes (not sure if this will happen but better to plan and try to make it happen)

I sure do miss running – but am putting together a plan for after the baby arrives and into 2013 (5k’s, 10k’s and another 1/2 marathon in 2014).

What workout’s did you do last week?

What workout’s do you have planned for this week coming?

How do you juggle working out, working, your family etc?


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