What Not to Say to a Pregnant Lady

Seriously, I am amazed at what people say to a pregnant women, to – date I feel like I heard it all. {this may sound like a rant…it is and it isn’t}

Please don’t say to a pregnant women (especially if you work with her, are friends with her, see her fairly often):

  1. Oh, your pregnant! I thought you where just gaining weight!
  2. Oh, your pregnant, I thought you were just a little heavy in the middle
  3. You’re pregnant! Wow, I didn’t know – just thought you hadn’t lost the weight from your first child!
  4. Your belly is … so …. BIG!
  5. Are you having twins? Really, you’re not! Are you sure????
  6. You don’t look pregnant from here upwards! (Had my purse on my lap and apparently didn’t look pregnant)
  7. You can’t hide your belly anymore.

Side note: I work as a Physical Activity Coordinator, so promoting physical activity, sports and recreational opportunities is my thing. Really, you thought I was getting fat???

Oh dear!

  1. No, I didn’t gain a little weight over the last few months only on my belly and nowhere else on my body.
  2. And yes, I did loose all the “baby weight” plus more from my first pregnancy – thank you very much.
  3. Yes, my belly is big. I am 26 weeks pregnant.
  4. Yes, we are 100% sure that we are not having twins.
  5. Now I know how they hide pregnancies on television show’s so easy 😉
  6. I don’t want to hide my belly…I’m pregnant.

As I write this, I am serious. Don’t say this sh*t to a pregnant lady. Even though today I did find it really funny and had a great laugh with you all but only because you haven’t seen me in 3 months and my belly may have been a shock to a few of you…or maybe more than a few of you!

Thanks for the laughs…but people, watch what you said to a pregnant lady.

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