First Trimester Recap

Since I never really did a “First Trimester” post, I thought it was time before I recap my almost ending second trimester.

Weeks 1 – 13 Recap:

Pregnancy: #2

Due Date: December 12th (day after my sister’s birthday)

Age of baby #1: 20-24 months old

Maternity clothing: Heck yeah! I busted out my pants around 13 weeks and loved every minute of it! I did still wear my normal clothing during the first trimester.

Belly button: Normal inny.

Sleep: Would pass out (when hubby was home) between 5:30pm and 6:30pm and would remain in bed until 6:30am the next morning, minus quick runs to the bathroom. I did this for 3-4 weeks straight around week’s 6 – 9. From weeks 10 to 14, I would go to sleep around 8pm and stay in bed until 6:30am.

Never really felt rested. Surprise!

Energy level: completely exhausted all the time.

Work: Full time 8:30 – 4:30 (random extra hours traveling or weekend event).

Best moment during first Trimester: Telling family we were expecting.

We had Lilly in a “BIG SISTER” long sleeve shirt and let family read what it said. No one said anything at first and then we asked if they liked her shirt. Once I locate a picture (Dad, I know you have one or two), I’ll post about sharing the news.

Food cravings: Lay’s Ketchup Chips for 3 weeks.

Food aversions: None

Movement: Unsure if it was gas or baby moving. Sometimes you just can’t tell.

Gender: Not finding out.

Symptoms: Beyond morning sickness…try all day, all afternoon, all evening sickness. Put on medication to aid with nausea which helped a fair bit but not 100%.

Exercise: Running, Jillian Michael’s DVDs, Plank-a-Day. Trained for 2 separate 5k races you can read about here at 10 – 11 weeks and here 13-14 weeks.

Running: Ran mainly during my lunch hour. Felt great to be out when I wasn’t exhausted.


~Had that “didn’t look pregnant but sure feel pregnant” feeling.

~Sharing “Our Family Is Growing” with family, friends and You!

Comparison to pregnancy #1:

  1. Nausea increase by 100%, belly popped a little earlier (that’s normal).
  2. Way less emotional during this pregnancy; very emotional during pregnancy #1 but have a feeling it was because my brother was in Afghanistan and every time I’d see a solider or hear something on the news I’d LOOSE it!
  3. Attended prenatal yoga classes with Lilly starting at 14 weeks until 36 weeks – the day before I went into labour.
  4. Baby #1 Due July 10th (my birthday), born early on June 14th!

Comparison photo:

12 weeks pregnant with Lilly – getting ready to go Cross Country Skiing.

13 weeks pregnant with Baby #2 – getting ready for work in non-maternity clothing.

Not sure if there is actually much of a difference here ?!?!?!?


Currently 26 weeks pregnant.

So in two weeks time, keep an eye out for my “Second Trimester Recap”

What has your first trimester been like?

Anything like the first?

Think you’ll have the same experience as your mother did?

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~Pizza Rolls

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