Workouts for Sept 9th – 15th & another Smoothie

After a busy week and little sleep early on in the week I managed to do some activity.  I posted my workout goals for the week here. Let’s see how I did:

27 Weeks Pregnant:

Sunday – Fit MOM DVD and 10 minutes Prenatal Yoga.

Monday – Rest day. Went to be at 8pm (very little sleep the night before)

Tuesday – 30 minute walk at night

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Physio appointment for ligament pain I am having (again) during pregnancy – learned new ball exercises to do. Repeated again at home 10 –  15 minutes.

Saturday – 30 minute walk mid morning and ball exercises 10 – 15 minutes

All taped up!

 (I’m sure this is going to hurt when I take it off….but it’s a fun colour at least)

Ball Exercises (recommended by Physiotherapist)

  • Abdominal bracing
  • Anterior/posterior tilt
  • Circles
  • Knee Lift
  • Knee lift with arms overhead
  • Knee lift with alternate arm touch
  • Truck rotation with arms straight




~1/2 Banana




~Coconut Yogurt

~A little water

~Optional: protein powder, chia seeds other fruit, juice.

Did you work out this week?

What did you do?