Workouts for Sept 9th – 15th & another Smoothie

After a busy week and little sleep early on in the week I managed to do some activity.  I posted my workout goals for the week here. Let’s see how I did:

27 Weeks Pregnant:

Sunday – Fit MOM DVD and 10 minutes Prenatal Yoga.

Monday – Rest day. Went to be at 8pm (very little sleep the night before)

Tuesday – 30 minute walk at night

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Physio appointment for ligament pain I am having (again) during pregnancy – learned new ball exercises to do. Repeated again at home 10 –  15 minutes.

Saturday – 30 minute walk mid morning and ball exercises 10 – 15 minutes

All taped up!

 (I’m sure this is going to hurt when I take it off….but it’s a fun colour at least)

Ball Exercises (recommended by Physiotherapist)

  • Abdominal bracing
  • Anterior/posterior tilt
  • Circles
  • Knee Lift
  • Knee lift with arms overhead
  • Knee lift with alternate arm touch
  • Truck rotation with arms straight




~1/2 Banana




~Coconut Yogurt

~A little water

~Optional: protein powder, chia seeds other fruit, juice.

Did you work out this week?

What did you do?

9 thoughts on “Workouts for Sept 9th – 15th & another Smoothie

  1. lol, whoops, should read “trunk” rotation 🙂 Trunk as in middle or core of your body, rotating your trunk while sitting on the exercise ball. You can rotate from left to right etc or rotate your trunk as in bending over to touch your toes (limiting while pregnant).

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