10 Running Related Personal Questions

Recently, reading a blog post from Roller Koester Run made me think about my own running. At 18 weeks pregnant I had to stop running due to ligament pain in my pelvic area. It’s been almost 10 weeks since I went for my last run and I can’t say I’ve been loving that. It’s been a struggle not being able to run; something that I crave in my life. It’s taken me almost 10 weeks to be okay with not running during this pregnancy.

The other day I spoke with a co-worker who talked about her pregnancies and running (she’s a recent Ironman/Woman) and after that conversation, it just clicked for me. I’m now okay with not running, knowing I will get back to it after baby #2 arrives and I am physically ready to do so. For now I walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes a few times a week, do a Fit Mom DVD, prenatal yoga and exercises on a stability ball for my ligament pain.

Back to the reason behind this post. Roller Koester Run answered the below questions regarding her running. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my running in the past and my running plans for the future.

10 Running Questions:

1.  Best Run Ever: This would be my first (and only, so far) 1/2 Marathon. In 2006, I ran in the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1/2 Marathon on May 21st, 2006 (before I was married). My goal was 2:30 minutes and I managed 2:33:56!


I was living in Ontario at the time and planned on flying home for the long weekend to run in this race. I trained all winter, January to May, pounding the pavement snow covered roads. While working at an Outdoor Centre, I worked long hours: starting at roughly 8am and sometimes through to the evening 6pm/8pm. I would fit in runs when I could; before dinner, after dinner.

On the evening I was supposed to run 19k – my longest distance ever – I left a little late and my friends/staff started to get a little worried about me. It was “bear season” which means that I could come across one as I ran down the only road to camp – that sure motivated me to kick up the pace on the way back.

My family was there to “watch” me run. The weather was cool and overcast – perfect. My father out along the route to take pictures as I ran by and my mother volunteering at the finish line so I could finally get my “foil blanket” from her. (In another run, a 10k, she wouldn’t give one to me because I didn’t run the 1/2, ha!). It was such a great challenge and many months of pushing my limits.

2. Three Words That Describe My Running:

Determined, Planned, Priority.

3. My Go-To Outfit Is:

Summer – shorts and tank top (no brand specific – at this point)

Winter – Running pants from MEC, long sleeved Helly Hansen breathable shirt, Running Room Jacket.

4. Quirky Habit While Running:

I tend to run with my thumbs tucked into my hands. Doesn’t matter if I am cold or not, I find my thumbs just end up there.

5. Morning, Mid-day or Evening:

I love to run at night, cooler temperatures, the stress of the day to lose and then recovering over night.

Don’t get me wrong, if I can fit in a run mid-day while at work, I will do that to free up my evening.

6. I Won’t Run Outside If It’s:

Torrential downpour or snow blizzard – 20C or below.

7. Worst Injury and How I Got Over It:

I was training for my first 10k and playing in an outdoor soccer game one April. Somehow I managed to kick the ball in the air (volley on the inside of my foot) and then when I went to plant my foot on the ground I landed on the outside of my ankle! I totally thought I broke it and went straight to the hospital with the help of my friend’s mother. No break, just a bad, bad ligament tear…okay multiple tears. I couldn’t run for 2 weeks and was into physio right away. This was about 4 weeks before my 10k. I ended up running and doing just fine but to this day my ankle has never been the same. I wear an ankle brace when playing soccer because it’s so weak.

8. I Felt Most Like A Badass Mother Runner When:

I ran my first 10k, 4 months after having Lilly. It was my way of getting active again and felt like a million bucks after my race. My time was terrible but I accomplished my goals.

9. My Next Race Is:

In 2013! As I mentioned above, I haven’t run in about 9-10 weeks.

10. Potential Running Goal(s) For 2013:  

At 27 weeks pregnant, I’ve decided to focus on my 2013 running goals as 5k’s in the spring and 10k’s in the fall. I am aiming for a 5k under 29:16 and 10k under 60 minutes.

Answer the questions below in the comments, I’d love to hear how you’d answer these 🙂

If you answer these on your blog, leave me a link in the comment section so I can check it out.

Happy Running.

8 thoughts on “10 Running Related Personal Questions

  1. Anna! I run with my thumbs tucked in too – I have no idea why, it just feels more comfortable. It’s awkward not too. Maybe a weird MacDonald family trait?

  2. I am so glad you did this post, too! I am so sorry to hear you can’t run anymore during this pregnancy, but honestly you’ll be right back to it after and probably be glad you had a small break. I walked a LOT with my first pregnancy and know I will do that again this time around as I get further along. For some reason I feel almost better after a power walk. I always feel much more energized and as though the energy level stays high the rest of the day. I love my runs, too, but I certainly hit a point of exhaustion late in the day.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Can’t wait to keep reading!

    • Thanks for the comment. I am starting to enjoy my power walks these last few weeks with the weather getting cooler. Congrats on your run yesterday…not sure if I could run at 23 weeks pregnant while pushing a stroller! Well done.

    • Isn’t it funny. I noticed it a few year’s back in a photo taken of me playing soccer and never really thought anything of it. Then as I started running more I noticed it. Glad I’m not the only one!

  3. 1. Best Run Ever: Yesterday, I ran the Maritime Race Weekend half marathon in 2:02.29! 11 minutes better than a grueling half (my first) in June at Johnny Miles.

    2. Three Words That Describe My Running: Improving, determined, routine

    3. My Go-To Outfit Is:
    Summer – spandex shorts and Halifax Running Club singlet – my race outfit 🙂
    Winter – Running pants from MEC, long sleeved MEC breathable shirt, MEC (or H.R.C.) jacket. Lol. A theme perhaps? MEC is like being a child in a toy store for me.

    4. Quirky Habit While Running: I also tend to run with my thumbs tucked into my hands. I also enjoy running with my 13lb bichon frise. He is an amazing little runner.

    5. Morning, Mid-day or Evening: Morning. I’m too tired after work.

    6. I Won’t Run Outside If It’s: Really cold (asthma reasons) or if there is large amounts of slush or freezing rain falling from the sky.

    7. Worst Injury and How I Got Over It: One winter, I sprained my ankle playing a game with my drama students and just as I was recovering (thank goodness for physio coverage), I got pneumonia. I didn’t run much before that, but somehow having those obstacles to overcome made me more determined than ever to run a 10k race.

    8. I Felt Most Like A Badass Mother Runner When: I hope to be able to answer this some year 🙂

    9. My Next Race Is: In 2 weeks. Leg 2 of the Rum Runners Relay with one of the Halifax Running Club teams.

    10. Potential Running Goal(s) For 2013: A sub-2-hour half marathon!

    • Tracy, congrats on your 1/2 marathon yesterday….I bet it was a perfect day to be running. Would love to hear more about it. The Rum Runners Relay sounds like a lot of fun too!
      Maybe we’ll run another race together at some point 🙂 Thanks for sharing your answers.

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