Pregnancy: 30 Week Update

What’s been happening since I entered my Third Trimester?


 A little less blogging (whoops!) and a little more of sleeping and getting through the days.

Age of toddler: 2 years (2 years and 3 months)


~Ligament pain, pelvic pain – sporting a new maternity back brace – I’m sexy and I know it (see picture below)

~Exhaustion is setting in again. By the end of the work day I am pretty tired and usually in bed by 9pm.

~Hip pain on my left (not sciatic pain like with Lilly) knock-on-wood.

~ Braxton Hicks Contractions.


~ Having a toddler who wants to run, jump and play all the time – I can’t move as fast as I want to.

~ Picking things up off the floor or trying to put sneakers/boots on 😦

~ The feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of the day – my body has literally just shut down a few times.

Baby’s Movement: This baby loves life! Arms, legs, fingers and toes are just bee-boping around. My husband can actually feel a limb when the baby is moving. If I place something on my belly, it will wiggle or be bumped off by the baby. It’s such an amazing feeling – probably the best feeling during pregnancy. I will miss this for sure!

Exercise: I have been slowing down more and more on the exercise. Not because I don’t enjoy it but because I am just exhausted. I can manage my ball exercises from my physiotherapist and one or two 30 minute walks in the evening. I was planning on taking a prenatal yoga class but they have cancelled it. (BUMMER!).

Since I am off work one day a week, my plan is to hit our local pool and swim/water aerobics with the older ladies 🙂 It’s only $2 and a 5 minute drive from my house. Gotta take advantage of that AND my maternity bathing suit I bought!

Side note: I bought my maternity bathing suit the day I went into labour with Lilly, without knowing I was in labour later that day! Spent $45 on it, washed it as soon as I got home so I could swim the next day. Needless to say, I never used it with Lilly.

My Mood: Starting to get more emotional! Yikes!  When I was pregnant with Lilly I cried all the time at the stupidest things! Seriously!!! Also, my brother was in Afghanistan so I was a little more on edge than normal. This pregnancy I was a little worried at how I wasn’t so emotional and thought something wasn’t right….but once I hit the third trimester it started to come back. I’m a sucker for tv show’s with sick kids or dying people. Tissue please.

I’m really happy to be in the third trimester and see the end in sight.

Preparation for Baby #2:

 ~Buying winter items second-hand – which I will blog about one of these days.

~ 0-3 month old sleepers – didn’t really need many for Lilly in June-August but they are a must this winter for baby.

~ Buying “newborn” cloth diapers this time around. Lilly didn’t fit into her cloth diapers until 2 months!

~Cleaning / organizing baby’s room.

~ Spending time with Lilly talking about the baby and the changes that will happen.

Difference in Pregnancy #2:

~Less emotional up until third trimester

~ No sciatica pain (so far)

~ Not so worried about eating certain foods (caffeinated pop occasionally, deli meats from Subway occasionally and feta cheese – only if it’s pasteurized). And chocolate too! I’m not perfect.

~ Have a busy 2-year-old who wants to run, jump and play all the time

Similarities in Pregnancy #2:

~Pelvic /ligament pain

~ Sever pain rolling over in bed (ligament pain)

Photo Update:

30 weeks with Lilly

30 weeks with baby #2

My cool maternity back brace – pretty spiffy!

Next update: 32 weeks.

Adventures for this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend – apple picking, pumpking picking, making pies (Fall Bucket List) and dinner with our family! Can’t wait!

Canada – Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

{OH – AND, I’m now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Woot woot!

You’ll hear more about it soon!}

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