Pregnancy: Cutting back on exercise

Working out / being active is a big priority in my life, which didn’t change when I became pregnant with our second baby. However, over the course of this pregnancy my level of working out has changed quite drastically.

During my first trimester I was still running quite a bit, doing my good old favourite Jillian Michael’s DVD workouts and sleeping a lot. I managed to run two 5k races you can read about here and here. My body was exhausted from being pregnant and I would go to bed extremely early (5:30pm or 6:30pm).

During my second trimester, which also happened to be during the warm/humid summer months my workouts took a turn in a different direction. I could no longer run without pain afterwards, hydration was at the top of my list (ice-cold water, watermelon or oranges). It wasn’t until weeks 20-23 that I started to feel better = less nausea all day/night long.

  • I stopped running at 18 weeks – this was something that I struggled with a lot
  • I started to do a lot of walking in the evenings once it cooled down: 30 minute power walks
  • Fit Mom DVD once or twice a week
  • Random Prenatal Yoga here and there
  • Around 26 weeks, I had a conversation with a co-worker who told me that she didnt’ run during her pregnancys  (she’s a BIG runner) and somehow that made me feel okay with not running.

Since I’ve hit my third trimester my workouts have yet changed again.

  • I now sport a sexy maternity back brace – see here,
  • Have seen a Physiotherapist and have been given ball exercises to do. Plus she taped my belly before I had the brace – that was fun!
  • Exhaustion is setting in again, sleep is taking over and it’s getting darker earlier so might night-time walks aren’t happening as much as I want them to.
  • Life has just been getting in the way – terrible, terrible excuse – no, it’s not an excuse because really we all do have time to be active…let’s be honest, I’ve chosen other things to do besides working out – and that’s okay (for now).

Last Sunday, I decided to hit the streets while Lilly took her afternoon nap and Sai was home. Off I went with my runners on, my sexy maternity back brace hidden under my one long sleeve shirt and biggest vest I could find (slightly too tight for my belly) and a mission to walk for 30 minutes. I took my normal route which could take anywhere from 29-32 minutes.

It wasn’t the best walk, however it was pretty nice outside. I tried my best not to “waddle” and to walk with good posture and a steady pace. One lady passed me with her stroller and said hello, how are you? Then she saw my belly once she was in front of me and seem shocked that I was pregnant. I either don’t look pregnant from behind or she was shocked that I was out walking whils SO pregnant 🙂

During the walk I thought a lot about exercising and why I make it a priority, especially during pregnancy. I also came to the conclusion that whatever exercise I can do at this point is great – just as long as I am doing something.

It’s not comfortable for me to walk 30 minutes anymore. So, I cut back on my time and take a different route.

It’s not enjoyable to come home aching in pain. So, I slow down my pace and be happy with what I can accomplish.

Running is no where in sight, however it’s one of the things I look forward to doing when my body is ready post baby.

I’ll walk when I can.

I’ll swim when I get the opportunity.

I’ll stretch, do yoga occasionally and attempt my Fit Mom Dvd when I can.

(Yes, I’ll blog about it too)

And, I’ll chase our little 2-year-old around apple orchards, up/down our stairs and explore the outdoors with her during the remainder of my pregnancy.

But, one thing I will not do is give up working out during this pregnancy.

Benefits of being active during pregnancy: AND WHY I AM ACTIVE DURING PREGNANCY:

  • Gives you more energy
  • Helps prepare you for birth
  • Reduces pregnancy discomfort
  • Fend off pregnancy blues
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your self-image
  • Helps your body get back faster postnatal

Source: BabyCentre Canada

Fitness Pregnancy Resources I Use – check them out here.

Did you have to cut back your workouts/runs/exercise when pregnant or injured etc ?

How did you adapt?

Why do you / don’t you exercise during pregnancy?