Mother’s-To-Be Parking Spots

Mother’s To Be Parking:

I totally took advantage of this parking spot the other day.

Normally, I would not park here because I believe that pregnant women need to get exercise and if that means walking a few extra steps at the grocery store, then it’s a few extra steps.

However, on this day I was completely exhausted and thought, frig it – I’m parking here.

So, I did.

Did you take advantage of the Mother’s To Be Parking spots?

Did you avoid them all together?

How about when you baby arrived?

Should we even have these spots available?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Mother’s-To-Be Parking Spots

  1. Initially, I took advantage of them because it applied to me, because I could lol. The second time around, with my daughter, I used them toward the end of the third trimester. After my daughter I continued to use them after she arrived. It was pretty difficult lugging two kids around in the cold (I had winter babies). I agree with them. I love them. I don’t think it’s about the mother being temporarily “handicapped”, so to speak. It’s more of respect; it’s like the store is holding the door open for us. Maybe?

    • I like how you put it – more “respect”.
      I used it more when I was pregnant with our first, the other day was the first time and it felt great to use it 🙂 I found it an easy space to park once the baby was in the car seat…which I am sure i’ll do it again when baby #2 arrives.

  2. I did once that I can remember at the movies. Mostly because the parking lot was full all the way over to sears. It was nutters. So I did. More so once Marley arrived and weather wasn’t great. I think they’re great to have.

  3. I like them!! Ya know…….the states considers pregnancy to be a disability! And…it feels like one when your in your last 2 months, right!? And if you have a C section, you’re out of commission for the first 6 weeks. I think whatever makes it easier is fine, and if ya don’t like it…don’t use it. I’ve heard people complain about those spots even being there but usually there are only a couple, it’s not like they take up the whole lot. We are expecting #2, and if I can’t find a good spot, I’ll take a preggo spot since I AM pregnant and since I have a baby to tote. I also take the elevator to the 2nd floor, which I myself think is crazy, but…I started to arrive to class out of breath, which was awkward in such a non stressful, quiet setting! People were looking at me like “did you RUN to class?” 🙂 Happy parking!

    • That’s crazy! Yes, I’m sure with a C-section it’s a lot harder to “carry” your baby and any others you have around for the first 6 weeks (of recovery). Stairs – in my first trimester I got winded but somehow managed to run two 5k races! These days, at almost 32 weeks, I totally get winded going up a flight of stairs. Good luck with your pregnancy.

  4. Reblogged this on Adventures of Sophia the Scottie and commented:
    This is a good idea, although I think it should be more of a “Courtesy’ parking spot for not only mothers to be, but extended to others who may be infirm, elderly or perhaps for women on their own at night. It would have to be based on the honor systesm, and I am sure there are those who would take advantage, however I think most people would be respectful about it.

    Just my two cents 🙂

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