Food Philosophy – What’s Your’s ?

A few months ago, I did an interview with Health Media Today, you can read it here. Carolyn highlight’s some great bloggers and I came across Lindsey’s interview – A Running Tale shares her Fitness and Nutrition Tips. She was asked a question that made me think about MY food philosophy.

Question for Lindsey: What is your philosophy about food and nutrition?

Lindsey’s Response: I have a couple “rules” – I follow the 80/20 rule, being that I aim to eat clean, unprocessed foods 80% of the time, and the other 20% is about enjoying life, and eating ice cream and cookies! While I try to stick to the 80/20 idea, I do not force it to the point where I am avoiding social outings or not enjoying life because of it.

So what is  Piper’s Run food philosophy?

For me, I feel like I (we-my family) fall into the 80/20 rule of eating clean, vegan for my husband/60% vegan for me and Lilly, struggle a little with unprocessed foods but try our best. The other 20% is definitely spent on chocolate: Jr. Mints, Mint chocolate, ice cream only in the summer, home-made almost always vegan cookies/brownies/pies depending on family dinners/special events etc.

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I never really thought about my food philosophy until I read this article.

I’ve always tried to eat healthy foods throughout the day, buying local is important to me and indulging in the not-so-good-for-you foods in the evening – once I’ve had my fill of healthy foods.

During both pregnancies I’ve focused a lot on healthy eating and making sure I am getting the right amounts of food. But I am not depriving myself of the bad stuff either. If I did, I would probable just over eat the bad stuff. It’s also why I make working out/exercising/physical activity (whatever you want to call it) a priority in my life – to balance out any bad foods I’ve eaten and try to live healthy.

Balancing being a full-time working (outside of the home) mom, a vegan husband, a picky toddler who’s starting to branch out more and also being pregnant has made it challenging when it comes to preparing meals. I’ve taken advantage of many Pinterest boards to find new things to make and to challenge myself to find healthy and creative options for my family.

So, what’s your food philosophy?

Do you meal plan?

Make the same foods each week / every two weeks?

 Indulge in bad foods often?

How often do you try new recipes?


5 thoughts on “Food Philosophy – What’s Your’s ?

  1. At this point in time we are not in the 80/20 rule. We have definitely moved towards the 80/20 but either our chequebooks or time was just not on our side. I also need to learn what to do with vegetables. We have had great veggies just mold in our fridge because I have no idea what to do with them. I need to try new recipes big time, I have to stop worrying about ruining dinner and just practice.

    PB and I would really like to reduce the amount of meat we have. Hubby is a big meat eater and has trouble seeing food as a meal if there is no meat dish as the main.

    *sigh* it’s a process and we are getting there haha

    • One step at a time. I always find it odd that bad food (chips, pop etc) goes on sale for next to nothing but yet milk, veggies, fruit never seem to be on sale.
      I think we eat better now then a few years ago, it helps that my husband is a vegan so I’m forced to be a little more creative. I hate when food goes moldy in the fridge – it happens to us too….sometimes you just can’t get to it in time.

  2. I never really thought of it that way! Unfortunately, my eating right now is pretty much whatever I want. I am hoping to go back to clean eating very soon. When I am eatin well, I follow the home cooked/clean eating at home durin the week and little splurges at home on the weekends!

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