Motivation Monday #40 (last one!)

Motivation Monday #40

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what my last “Motivation Monday” will be.

What quote would I pick for my last one? What picture did I want to represent “motivation”?

It has to be big, I thought….

It has to be meaningful…..

It has to be …. motivational and get people moving.

What to pick? Where to start?

I took a step back and thought….WHY do I even do these Motivation Monday posts?

To try and motivate others so they can be active, that it’s important for their health, that it’s important for their well-being.

Then I thought about what motivates me….sure these quotes and pictures motivate me and REMIND me that I can reach another goal and push myself.

BUT, The real reason I am motivated to be active is because of these following people:

My daughter Lillian (Lilly) and Baby (bump) #2

And my husband, Sai. We’ll be married 5 years in November!!!

I’m motivated by them.

I want to be healthy for them.

I want to be a role model for my children.

I want to live an active lifestyle with my family.

That’s what motivates me every day, every week.

What motivates you to be active, healthy and happy?

Thanks for reading my Motivational Monday posts.

2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday #40 (last one!)

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