Is it REALLY Friday?

Since I finished work on Tuesday this week I feel like I’ve been thrown off my game.

When I was working, I had a blackberry calendar to tell me what meetings to go to and what time my Dr’s appointments were. On top of that I have an “agenda” or “diary” that I write my meetings in (location etc), when bills are due, if Lilly has a play date or we have some event to attend.

Now, I still have my agenda book but haven’t even opened my work purse since Tuesday to take a look at my agenda book! Yes, I said work purse. When I am not going to work I use my MEC shoulder bag like this one, only mine’s older and black. Or I just put my wallet in Lilly’s little back pack from MEC instead of carrying two bags.

Anyway – I feel lost. Maybe I have baby/pregnancy brain.

I know that tomorrow is Saturday November 10th because it’s my wedding anniversary – 5 YEARS! Mentally, that date has been in my head for a long time.

Today is only day 3 of the start of my maternity leave. I am off early due to many reason; one main one being that we had Lilly at 36 weeks 2 days and that’s less than a week away.  I wasn’t sure when I wanted to be done work, you can read more about that here but I know that my body needed the rest – however long that is.

What my week’s looked like so far:

Monday/Tuesday – Full day’s at work = exhausted at night.

Wednesday: Dr. appointment, napped mid day for 1.5 hours, late lunch, a little organizing in the baby’s room and a load of laundry done! And flu shot for Lilly.

Thursday: 45 minute nap at 9 am, prenatal massage (felt so good), made butternut squash soup for dinner and relaxed.

Friday: My husband is away for the day so it’s just me. Me and Maclean (our dog). Me, Maclean and the house. I’m bored and realized at noon that it’s Friday.

I have a list of things I could be doing:

  • finish organizing the baby’s room
  • make and wrap Christmas presents
  • clean Lilly’s toys (get rid of a bunch she doesn’t use)
  • laundry – that’s a given
  • walk Maclean – she’d love that but I can’t manage very long walks these days
  • clean the dishes (blah)

There’s more but I don’t want to bother you.

It took me a while to actually realize that today is Friday. I think I need to start crossing the days off on our family calendar or get out my agenda book and have it beside my laptop so I don’t forget what day it is, when the bills need to be paid and where I am supposed to be.

For now, I rest. I’ll blog a little, get bored with facebook, call a friend this afternoon that I’ve been meaning to call for a while and think of what we are going to do this weekend.

P.S. I don’t miss my blackberry 🙂

Have you ever wake up and forgotten what day it was?

Do you ever find yourself home alone (imagine that) unsure what to do or where to start?


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Blog posts to come:

  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Sweat Pink Laces giveaway!!!!!
  • 36 week update next week.
  • Oh – and a GUEST post from Molly next week!

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