Pregnancy: 36 weeks!!!!

This is a big week for us – as we had Lilly at 36 weeks 2 days – here’s hoping I make it another week.

Weeks: 36 and a few days (a little late posting this)

Baby’s Movements: Rolling it’s hands and feet in any spot it can find. Head down down down.

Baby items we bought:Baby toothbrush / teether set.

Belly Button: Flat / turning into an outtie !

Challenges: Just getting hard to do everything!

Cravings: Cold red grapes (especially after our hospital visit #2 at 34 weeks)

Exercise: Have been told to limit my exercise to minimal activity! Seriously – this is a hard one for me but if it means baby stay’s put until term, I’m all over it.

Gender: Not sure – you can guess here.

Mood: Pretty good – looking forward to baby arriving.

Preparation for baby #2: 

  • Hospital bag packed, baby’s bag packed and Lilly’s bag packed.
  • Random trip to the hospital at 34 weeks with contractions – apparently baby was testing us 🙂
  • registered at hospital – one less thing to do upon arrival
  • Lilly and Sai put baby’s car seat in my car.
  • Finishing the baby’s room, getting all the baby “gear” out of storage.
  • Writing Birth Plan….well I have it in front of me and I am thinking about filling it out
  • Cleaning the house one room at a time.

Sleep: Pretty terrible these days but what can a 36 week preggo expect.

Still to do: Finish baby’s room 100%

Surprises: Three of my girl friends and I went out on a Sunday afternoon to a pub – not to drink but just to hang out without our toddlers and catch up. Little did I know they spoiled me with a baby shower gift: gift card to a local maternity/baby store, Jr. Mints – yum, more chocolate, hand cream, shower gel that smells divine, lip balm etc. It was extremely nice of them to put this gift together for me but the best part was just being with them for a few hours without our kiddies. We laughed, caught up on our toddler’s events, may have eaten some bad pub food. It was just what I needed after a few stressful days. Thanks ladies – your awesome.

Wedding Rings: Just my wedding band – my hands swell up within minutes of being too active! ha that’s kinda funny (to me at least).

What I am looking forward to at this point:

  • Making it to 37 weeks pregnant
  • Meeting baby
  • Being able to move without baby in my belly

What I am worried about: Having baby this week as we did with Lilly.

Work: Finish work at 35 weeks pregnant – you can read more about that here.

I am happy to be done and able to rest throughout the day and not rush around from meeting to meeting. Though I don’t miss work, I do miss the people I work with. When you spend Monday – Friday all day with the same people you tend to build good relationships with them and that I miss. The good thing is that I can still go into the office to visit when I want to – I’m just holding out for the baby to arrive first.


36 weeks 1 day with Lilly (2010)

35 weeks with baby #2 (2012)

Sorry – no good photo’s this week 😦

Next update – 37 weeks.