Weekend Learnings

What I’ve learned so far this weekend:

Learning #1: 

Slow cookers are amazing. You spend a little time preparing and then leave it for however long you want, then voila – your meal is done.

Learning #2:

2 year old’s can truly love one another. I told my daughter on Saturday that we would get together with her friends. Well, she lost it and got so excited; screamed their names, told me that they were going to do (play) and jumped for joy. The best was still yet to be seen. They arrived Sunday morning for a play date and she couldn’t have been happier. And when it was time to leave, hugs for all.

I truly believe that they do love one another. They’ve spent the last 2.5 years together; their first year we spent 1-3 days a week together. My how they grow up fast.

Learning #3:

I think baby #2 loves food just as much as I do. It squirm’s uncontrollable after I eat. This will be the only thing I miss about being pregnant – feeling the baby move in my belly.

Learning #4:

No matter how hard you try to keep your house clean, when you have a dog and/or children – it will never be clean.

Learning #5:

Naps aren’t just for kids! zzzzzzzzzzz


Keep an eye out this week for another great guest blogger, Sarah who will talk about:  Are We There Yet: Running with Passengers.


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