Monday IS the beginning of the week, right?

Well, here I sit on another Monday morning, been awake since 5am.

Off work officially for 2.5 weeks, waiting for baby that could arrive “anytime” now and feeling like I have almost everything done before baby arrives. Yeah, right!

I still haven’t written my birth plan. It’s not like I don’t know what I want  during labour, I think it’s just the last major straw that i need to pull and finish.

It sit’s in front of me along with the pen….guess I’ll get at that after this post.

Learnings from this weekend:

1. Tractors aren’t just for boys. (Real life John Deere Tractors – Lilly loves them).

2. When your child is sick you get to snuggle with them a little longer than normal. Is it bad that I like that?

3. I am ready for winter, especially after our little snow fall this weekend 🙂

4. Baby, it’s time to come out.

5. Colds that don’t go anywhere just suck your energy out as they linger on to your every move or attempt to move.

6. Two naps in a day is normal for an almost 38 week pregnant lady, right?

7. I’ve lost misplaced my favourite Smartwool hat a mitts that belong to Lilly. Frig.

8. It’s Monday morning and I’ve got my to-do-list started but already managed to go in another direction.

That’s it.

You may see another post from me today, pending how the day goes.

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One thought on “Monday IS the beginning of the week, right?

  1. Reblogged this on Adventures of Sophia the Scottie and commented:
    Snow babies….

    I am soon to become an Auntie again and I can’t wait!! My sister Anna is due soon and this one will be little brother or sister to my niece Lilly-bear. Well, her name is Lilly but I affectionately call her Lilly-bear since she reminds me of a little teddy bear. I am afraid she is stuck with it for life.

    Anway, Anna and my brother-in-law Sai are very active. Even snow and the bitter cold of Canadian winters don’t deter them. They received a few inches of snow yesterday and will no doubt be taking Lilly out to play and enjoy the fresh air.

    I use the cold as an excuse not to get out, but I really should not since it is very easy to dress properly for the cold weather. That being said, I am going to get out with Sophia at lunchtime for a nice walk, even in the winter. The exercise will do us both good.

    If you are intersted in physical activity, healthy lving, family life and YUMMY recipes, please check out my sister’s blog “Piper’s Run”.

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