{Guest Post} Run Find Your Happy Pace

First I want to thank my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Anna for inviting me over as a guest blogger while she takes care of baby! 🙂

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Darlena and I blog at Run Find your Happy Pace.  I am a military wife, mom of 3 and a runner.  Some of the toughest “jobs” you’ll ever love right?!  Don’t get me wrong I do love every one of them, the trick is the balancing act of all three.

Lets talk deployments shall we?  Since 2002 my hubby has been on multiple deployments.  Some short and some well….not so short.  I would definitely say running has helped me keep balance and sanity in all three positions.  But how does one run or train for a half marathon (or any distance) while the hubby is away.  Well that all depends.  First of all you really needed to be flexible and creative with your time.

Here are some of the strategies I have used over the years:

  1. The YMCA (or local health club) that offers great childcare.  Fun for them and a guilt free break for you.
  2. Get a jogging stroller / bike trailer (for 1, 2 or 3))  On the upside GREAT cardio conditioning!  However runs do require a bit more planning.  Just remember to pack snacks, drinks and when all else fails a portable DVD player. And for fall/winter be sure to get a wind/rain shield to keep the kiddos toasty.  Short on cash?  Check out second-hand stores, ebay and craigslist for great deals on used joggers.
  3. Find your local chapter of Mom Run This Town.  Many hold weekly group runs that are stroller friendly.  You get the benefit of running and making new friends!
  4. Kid “sharing”  find a friend that runs (or just needs a weekly break) and plan to sit for each other. (great for long runs when you just really can’t imagine pushing a kid for miles and miles)
  5. Long runs are NOT  just for weekends.  It took me a while (actually way to long) to realize I didn’t have to do my long run on a weekend.  This is a must for me while the hubby is deployed.  You can tweak any training schedule to fit YOUR schedule.  Right now my long runs are Thursdays when the kids are all at school.
  6. Get a treadmill (dreadmill/hamster wheel) of your own.  OK I know this isn’t feasible for everyone, but if you can swing it I highly recommend it.  I lucked out and got mine as a present when I turned the big 40.  Although I find long runs hard on them I have done it in a pinch.  They are also great for speed work and bad weather days.

All that being said I find the most important thing is that when I exercise or run (by the way I love Jillian Michaels DVD’s) I am not only a better runner I am a better wife and mother.  It’s not about being the fastest or the best, it’s about finding your happy pace (and place) in running and life.  So get out there and get moving and…Run Find your Happy Pace.


A BIG Thanks to Darlena for helping me out this week and being a guest on Piper’s Run. You can read more about Run Find Your Happy Pace below on:

Blog is www.runfindyourhappypace.com

Twitter: @runfyhp

Instagram @runfindyourhappypace

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