December Challenge – Merry Plankmas (and #sweatpink winners)

Drum roll, please…………..The winners for the Sweat Pink shoelaces are:  Elle, Brittany, Lila and Meghan.  I thought since I had four responses I would give them all a pair of sweat pink shoelaces.  Thanks for sharing how you get your sweat pink on.

Please email me at with your mailing address so I can get these out to you 🙂


Recently, I started following a great blog called Fat Chick 2 Fit Chick and I read about her December challenge that I believe some of you may really enjoy.

Merry Plankmas: 

Do one plank-a-day move each day.


Details from Fat Chick 2 Fit Chick:

Let’s start planking it up daily for the jolliest month of the year.  Tweet me,Instagram me, and/or email me pics of your plank timers, of you planking, and of you passed on the floor from planking yourself silly!  I will post your pictures periodically through the month and give you a shout out for being awesome. Let’s motivate each other to make New Years resolutions a thing of the past.  

Why wait?  December 1st seems like the perfect day to be fit!  

Be sure to use the #merryplanksmas hashtag and tag me @fatchicktofitchick in your daily posts on instagram!  


A few tips on planking:

How to do a plank.

Backyard Boot Camp (plank move)

10 Ways to Plank


Sure hope you join the Fat Chick 2 Fit Chick challenge. I am hoping to join but will be waiting until baby arrives as I don’t think planking would be a smart thing to do at this point. Or, maybe it would. Maybe it would encourage this baby to come on out. Hummmm………

Do you plank?

Have you ever tried doing a plank a day?

What’s your favourite way to plank?

3 thoughts on “December Challenge – Merry Plankmas (and #sweatpink winners)

  1. Ooh I hope I am the Elle that won your giveaway for the sweat pink laces!

    I did #plankaday on Twitter for ages but kept forgetting to Tweet it so gave that part up but I do plank most days. I hate it but I do it. This challenge looks like fun and that picture is fun! I think you should wait, too… emailing you now!

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