Happy New Year!

Wow, hard to believe that another year is hours away!

2013, what will you bring us?

It’s been a great year for our family, lots of changes – good and bad.

A few things Piper’s Run was up to in 2012:

  • I was a single parent for 7 months while my husband was away in PEI. He was studying to become a Paramedic (Mission accomplished). Lilly and I made a few trips to beautiful PEI.


My top 3 favourite Motivation Monday’s:

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  • And, of course the arrival of our second daughter in December, Hilary Elise:

Hilary Dec 3rd 2012 - A

It’s been quite the year for our family and Piper’s Run. A big thank you to those who have followed us and commented on our posts. We are sure looking forward to 2013, setting new goals, running lots, trying new workouts and new adventure with our girls.

Happy New Year from Anna at Piper’s Run.

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Hilary’s Birth Story – Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – sorry about that. It’s been a busy few weeks with our newborn, Christmas and having company from across the pond.

I feel like this could be a long-winded post, so I’ve decided to break it up in to a few parts and compare part from our first born’s birth too.

Welcome to Part 1.

Baby number 2 was due December 11th 2012, which also happens to be my sister’s birthday. And, our first daughter, Lillian (Lilly) was due on my birthday, July 10th 2010 – but she came 4 weeks early to all of our surprise.

I decided to finish work around 35 weeks pregnant and believe that was the best decision for me. I was able to rest a lot, get a few things done around the house and prepare for baby #2’s arrival.  Once we got past 36 weeks 2 days (the day we had Lilly), I was able to relax a little more and hope to make it to 37 weeks or term. And we did. We made it to 38 weeks 6 days before baby #2 arrived.

It’s amazing how much 2 weeks can make for a baby. Lilly was considered a premature baby and had a few challenges that we had to work through to get her to nurse properly. I’m not just talking a few days/weeks of challenges but more like 2.5 months to get her to latch/nurse properly with the help of a lactation consultant and a osteopath. With baby #2 it was like she was born to nurse – completely different.

Sai and Anna Dec 2nd 2012

Sai and Anna Dec 2nd 2012

Back to the birth.

On Sunday, December 2nd I was feeling a little frustrated and beyond exhausted from being pregnant. I had a little nap in the morning and then had lunch with Lilly and Sai. Once Lilly was down for a nap I was going to go shopping and get a few Christmas items we needed. As Sai was putting Lilly down for a nap I got up to go pee and thought I felt my water break! I surely wasn’t peeing myself but comparing it to my water breaking with Lilly, it wasn’t quite the same. This was around 1pm. At 2:30pm we went into the hospital after calling with my  symptoms – they just wanted to check me over. They couldn’t get a clear sample if my water had broken or not but I was clearly dilating – Was 4-5cm at 4:30pm. They admitted me.

Lilly was hanging out with our friends after her nap and then Grandad came to hang out with her for that night. She was in heaven and my Dad was too.

I figured we’d have the baby by 8:30/9pm as Lilly’s birth was extremely quick (less than 4 hours from my water breaking to her coming out). When 8:30 hit and I was only 6cm, I was rather discouraged and the pain was increasing fast.

Sai and I walked the hallways a lot and I sat on an exercise ball for a long time and then things started to get more painful. I really wanted a natural birth as I had one with Lilly and thought I could do it again. (Man OH MAN – talk about painful!!!).

There was a point when I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore but was confident I didn’t want an epidural or narcotics but was thinking about the “laughing” gas as an alternative. As the contractions grew stronger and more painful I was convinced I wanted the gas and made Sai go tell the nurse that I wanted it. It arrived not too long after and on went the mask when I had a contraction.

Nothing happened 😦

I was expecting to have a little relief of pain but it didn’t happen. So, I kept at it. Inhaling the gas like it was the most enjoyable product known to man kind. After about 5-6 contractions and inhaling the gas, I felt extremely light-headed and sort of fell back in my seat. Ahhhhhhhhh, it was working. I felt a little drugged/drunk as the nurse described I could be. She was right.

My water still had not broken at this point and the contractions were getting closer and closer and MORE painful. Seriously, how more painful can it get – apparently a lot more.

My Doctor arrived at the hospital around 12:30 am and we started discussing my options. At 1:45 am and 8 cm dilated, I decided to have my water broken. All I remember is how warm it was, my contractions still painful and the gas permanently stuck in my left hand for when I needed it.

All of a sudden, it was time to push. I had to push, I couldn’t hold back…this baby was ready to come out and join us.

To be continued….

Christmas = Happiness

Not always. 

There has been so much going on in the last week that I cannot begin to understand it all; in the US (Sandy Hook Elementary), but closer to my home two friends are experiences their own sadness.

One I won’t comment about but my heart is broken for this person and I wish I could be there (physically) for them.

Another friend is with her family dealing with a terrible accident that has left her brother in a coma. He’s young, he is an uncle, a brother, a son….he’s a good kid.  It’s just not fair.

In 1999, my Grandfather was really sick and apparently I didn’t recognize how sick he was until we got “the call”. It was Dec 26th, Boxing Day in Canada. I had been out the night before celebrating with some friends and was a little tired/hung over. I’ll never forget where I was sitting  and how I reacted when I found out that my Grandfather has passed away.

December 26th was also my Grandparents wedding anniversary, however my Grandmother had passed 2 years earlier. Though we got through Christmas, nothing was the same. My heart was empty, I was sad, I was grieving – I was far away from being Happy.

In 2000, Christmas wasn’t the same….we were missing a big piece of our family, our traditions. Over time (years) Christmas got a little easier. Knowing that my Grandfather passed on their wedding anniversary some how made it a little more accepting….accepting that he wanted to just be with her again.

Does Christmas always equal Happiness – No, not always.

So, this year my heart is a little heavy for those who are experiencing negative life changing events: those families at Sandy Hook Elementary and two close friends and their family.

I’ve had a few posts drafted (Hilary’s birth story etc) but I just can’t bring myself to publish them as there are more important things to write about….to think about.

This year, I hope there is some happiness for my friends this Christmas. xo

Dear Running Sneakers

Please forgive me Running Sneakers, you’ve barely been used for your purpose over the last few months.

When I bought you back in May, I swear I had full intentions of running in you at least until at least September. However, baby Hilary (unknown to us at the time) was taking over my body and running was put on the back burner only after a few months.

I know you’ve been slowly stomping the ground while I’ve been pregnant and that extra 30-40 pounds was hard to manage but I promise Running Sneakers you will move faster than a turtle soon.

My feet are gearing up for our first run in the new year and I thought I’d give you ample notice that we’ll be moving a little faster and in the snow too.

Running Sneakers, don’t hate me. Your turn is coming….trust me. Get ready!


Your owner who’s ready to run (soon).

1 Year Blogiversary for Piper’s Run

Wow, look how fast a year goes by.

This time last year I started this blog for a few reasons:

  • To be accountable for working out, setting goals and achieving them
  • To fill my time with a new hobby while my husband was away at school and I balanced being a full-time working mom of an amazing little toddler.

Piper’s Run is about trying to balance it all – working, family, children, pregnancy/newborn, running and working out. Some week’s were better than others, some days were more challenge than others.

I wish I had a little giveaway to celebrate Piper’s Run 1st year but with our newborn arriving things have been a little busy to stir up something. A big thank you to my Sweat Pink sisters who have been guest post the last few weeks – I’ve really enjoyed your posts.

I never expected this to be such an interesting way to meet people, learn more about blogging and joining some pretty awesome groups who have the same thought process around working out as I do. You can read a little more about where Piper’s run has been guest posting, awards and interviews on my “media” page.

Thanks to those who have followed Piper’s Run, to those who have been a part of Piper’s run by guest posting for me and my family/friends for letting me write about them and share our experiences over the last year.

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Here’s to another year!

Cheers, Anna a.k.a Piper

Upcoming post:

  • Hilary birth story
  • Postpartum

{guest post} Fallen Off the Workout Wagon?

Today’s Sweat Pink Ambassador guest post is from Lindsay at Sweet N Sweat.

Have you fallen off the fitness wagon? Ready to get back on, but you need that extra little push and some guidance? Look no further! Here are some tips to get you moving!

o   Address why you went ‘astray’: Do you know why you stopped? Make a list of things that you feel were holding you back. Don’t feel bad about them. Just be honest with yourself and write them down. No biggie.

o   Dig into the problem: Look at your list. Start at number one. Let’s say your number one excuse was “I don’t have the time.” Think about it. Is that true? Everyone is busy. You just need to make the time. Do you need to get up a bit earlier to fit something in? Are you worried about being tired? Well, to put it bluntly (I do that a lot), if you want something bad enough you will find and make the time to it. Simple as that. Go through your list and write down a possible solution to each one.

o   Make it exciting again: When I start to feel dumpy I like to rearrange my workout room. Now I know, not everyone is a spoiled brat like I am and has their own workout room. But if you dig change and it makes you feel refreshed like it does for me then go ahead! Maybe you could rearrange your living room if you workout in there or your bedroom. Whatever!

o   New clothes: Go shopping and buy a new outfit or a piece of clothing that you will feel confident, comfortable, and strong in. Maybe some new shoes? Or socks? I love new socks. I’m strange.

o   New goals: Have your goals changed or stayed the same? Regardless, make a new goal sheet. Still have weight to lose or are you trying to build muscle? Make short-term and long-term goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure and write down you want to lose 25 pounds in two weeks. Be healthy and realistic.

o   New plan: Are you tired of your workout program in general? Maybe you just need to find a new plan of action. With your new goals in front of you, think about what you could do to help get you there. Do you have the right program and tools to lose weight (or whatever your goal may be). I like to switch up my programs every three months or so. That way I won’t get bored or plateau.

o   Support: Make sure the people in your life are supportive of your new lifestyle. Talk to them and share your goals. Not only will sharing your goals make you feel more accountable, but saying them out loud will set them in stone. If your family and/or friends are not supportive, well then that’s their problem. Not yours.

Don’t every feel guilty or silly for putting yourself first. Last time I checked, we only get one body. Do you want to go through life complaining about how you look or feel? Nope. So, now is your chance to do something about it. It’s all you! I can’t say this enough; you are worth every minute and every bead of sweat. Every sacrifice you make will only make you a stronger person inside and out. I guarantee it.

Don’t wait until the New Year to work on you (think how far ahead of the game you could be by then!). Start now. You are worth it. Forget about the excuses and just do it!  If you need help with any of these feel free to contact me at sweetsnsweat@gmail.com . You can also visit my blog for more tips and motivation. Don’t forget to look me up on Facebook!

Take care, Lindsay


Thank you Lindsay for being a guest blogger on Piper’s Run today.

Don’t forget to check out SweetnSweat Blog or her Facebook page.

Oh Baby!!!!

Our family at Piper’s Run is happy to announce Hilary Elise came into this world on Monday December 3rd @ 3:07 am. She was 7 lbs 14 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. She was a great birthday present for her Daddy who celebrated his birthday on Dec 4th by bringing his family home.

Hilary Elise:

Hilary Dec 3rd 2012 - A

Lilly is now a big sister and loving it:

BIG sister lilly 2012 - A

One happy Momma, Anna from Piper’s Run:

Mom, Hilary and Monkey Dec 3rd - A

Upcoming post this month:

  • Hilary’s birth story
  • Piper’s Run turns 1!!!
  • Postpartum update