My Winter Running Gear

Winter is fast upon us in the Maritime’s and I’m loving the recently snow fall we’ve had. It will more than likely disappear soon but I’ll take it.

Winter is my favourite time to run! Well, basically anytime from October to April is my favourite time of year to run – I can’t stand the heat in the summer but plug through it to maintain my winter efforts.

Recently, Jenn from Run It My Way wrote a great post about Holiday Gift Idea’s for Runners.  I loved her ideas and agree that each item she’s chosen would be great for a runner. I’ve thought about my few favourite things for running since that’s all I can do these days, is dream about pounding the pavement once again.  And today, I share those with you.

A few of my favourite Winter Running Gear items: (strictly my opinion)

1. Yak Tracks – in Nova Scotia, you gotta be prepared for any time of ground surface in the winter. This is what my Yak Tracks look like:

2. A Good Hat. This is my favourite winter hat to run in – made by Smartwool. And this is Maclean – my winter running sprinting buddy.

3. Jacket. I bought a reflective  Running Room Jacket many years ago and still use it each winter or when it rains too.  I like that it has reflective tape so if I run at night I’m somewhat visible to cars. I also add-on reflective arm bands for a little extra reflection.

I like to layer under the jacket with a Helly Hansen long sleeve wicking shirt and if it’s really cold a vest to keep my core a little warmer.

Reflective Jacket (mine is blue)

4. Runners Gloves. I like to wear thin gloves when running and have actually used my cross-country ski gloves from Auclair.  It’s easier to have one pair that I use for two different activities.

However, I really like to mitts (What the Fluff) that Jenn from Run It My Way suggested from Lululmeon and I may have to invest in a pair of these this winter.

5. Long Pants. I own a pair of black running pants from MEC, similar to the MEC Mercury Tights. I like these pants as they have zips on the side of each leg to about mid calf and they stretch to accommodate growing bellies….or shrinking ones 🙂

You can see the bottom of my pants and I have the zips open at the bottom.

6Running Socks. You have to have good, warm running socks when running in the winter. Nothing cotton – anywhere on your body or you’ll sweat, get wet, stay wet and then get cold – not cool.

I have a pair of Teko socks from MEC. I like them because they are then yet warm enough to be out in colder temperatures. I think Teko is for cycling but they work for me.

Now, these are just a few of my favourite winter running gear items. I am not completely religious about these brands but it’s what I have, what I love to wear and for that I share with you. Even though I love to run in the winter (colder) months, I don’t always love it, you can read an old post from last winter here.

Disclaimer: none of these companies have asked me to promote their products. These are simple products that I’ve bought and used over a number of years and have come to love. 

What’s your favourite piece of Running Gear or Workout Gear?

Do you stick to the same brand each time or try something new?