{guest post} Fallen Off the Workout Wagon?

Today’s Sweat Pink Ambassador guest post is from Lindsay at Sweet N Sweat.

Have you fallen off the fitness wagon? Ready to get back on, but you need that extra little push and some guidance? Look no further! Here are some tips to get you moving!

o   Address why you went ‘astray’: Do you know why you stopped? Make a list of things that you feel were holding you back. Don’t feel bad about them. Just be honest with yourself and write them down. No biggie.

o   Dig into the problem: Look at your list. Start at number one. Let’s say your number one excuse was “I don’t have the time.” Think about it. Is that true? Everyone is busy. You just need to make the time. Do you need to get up a bit earlier to fit something in? Are you worried about being tired? Well, to put it bluntly (I do that a lot), if you want something bad enough you will find and make the time to it. Simple as that. Go through your list and write down a possible solution to each one.

o   Make it exciting again: When I start to feel dumpy I like to rearrange my workout room. Now I know, not everyone is a spoiled brat like I am and has their own workout room. But if you dig change and it makes you feel refreshed like it does for me then go ahead! Maybe you could rearrange your living room if you workout in there or your bedroom. Whatever!

o   New clothes: Go shopping and buy a new outfit or a piece of clothing that you will feel confident, comfortable, and strong in. Maybe some new shoes? Or socks? I love new socks. I’m strange.

o   New goals: Have your goals changed or stayed the same? Regardless, make a new goal sheet. Still have weight to lose or are you trying to build muscle? Make short-term and long-term goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure and write down you want to lose 25 pounds in two weeks. Be healthy and realistic.

o   New plan: Are you tired of your workout program in general? Maybe you just need to find a new plan of action. With your new goals in front of you, think about what you could do to help get you there. Do you have the right program and tools to lose weight (or whatever your goal may be). I like to switch up my programs every three months or so. That way I won’t get bored or plateau.

o   Support: Make sure the people in your life are supportive of your new lifestyle. Talk to them and share your goals. Not only will sharing your goals make you feel more accountable, but saying them out loud will set them in stone. If your family and/or friends are not supportive, well then that’s their problem. Not yours.

Don’t every feel guilty or silly for putting yourself first. Last time I checked, we only get one body. Do you want to go through life complaining about how you look or feel? Nope. So, now is your chance to do something about it. It’s all you! I can’t say this enough; you are worth every minute and every bead of sweat. Every sacrifice you make will only make you a stronger person inside and out. I guarantee it.

Don’t wait until the New Year to work on you (think how far ahead of the game you could be by then!). Start now. You are worth it. Forget about the excuses and just do it!  If you need help with any of these feel free to contact me at sweetsnsweat@gmail.com . You can also visit my blog for more tips and motivation. Don’t forget to look me up on Facebook!

Take care, Lindsay


Thank you Lindsay for being a guest blogger on Piper’s Run today.

Don’t forget to check out SweetnSweat Blog or her Facebook page.

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