Dear Running Sneakers

Please forgive me Running Sneakers, you’ve barely been used for your purpose over the last few months.

When I bought you back in May, I swear I had full intentions of running in you at least until at least September. However, baby Hilary (unknown to us at the time) was taking over my body and running was put on the back burner only after a few months.

I know you’ve been slowly stomping the ground while I’ve been pregnant and that extra 30-40 pounds was hard to manage but I promise Running Sneakers you will move faster than a turtle soon.

My feet are gearing up for our first run in the new year and I thought I’d give you ample notice that we’ll be moving a little faster and in the snow too.

Running Sneakers, don’t hate me. Your turn is coming….trust me. Get ready!


Your owner who’s ready to run (soon).