Christmas = Happiness

Not always. 

There has been so much going on in the last week that I cannot begin to understand it all; in the US (Sandy Hook Elementary), but closer to my home two friends are experiences their own sadness.

One I won’t comment about but my heart is broken for this person and I wish I could be there (physically) for them.

Another friend is with her family dealing with a terrible accident that has left her brother in a coma. He’s young, he is an uncle, a brother, a son….he’s a good kid.  It’s just not fair.

In 1999, my Grandfather was really sick and apparently I didn’t recognize how sick he was until we got “the call”. It was Dec 26th, Boxing Day in Canada. I had been out the night before celebrating with some friends and was a little tired/hung over. I’ll never forget where I was sitting  and how I reacted when I found out that my Grandfather has passed away.

December 26th was also my Grandparents wedding anniversary, however my Grandmother had passed 2 years earlier. Though we got through Christmas, nothing was the same. My heart was empty, I was sad, I was grieving – I was far away from being Happy.

In 2000, Christmas wasn’t the same….we were missing a big piece of our family, our traditions. Over time (years) Christmas got a little easier. Knowing that my Grandfather passed on their wedding anniversary some how made it a little more accepting….accepting that he wanted to just be with her again.

Does Christmas always equal Happiness – No, not always.

So, this year my heart is a little heavy for those who are experiencing negative life changing events: those families at Sandy Hook Elementary and two close friends and their family.

I’ve had a few posts drafted (Hilary’s birth story etc) but I just can’t bring myself to publish them as there are more important things to write about….to think about.

This year, I hope there is some happiness for my friends this Christmas. xo

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