Hitting the pavement again !

I did it!

I ran my first postpartum run last Sunday and it was glorious!

Well…maybe not glorious but it couldn’t have gone any better. I feel great!

When I was given the A-Okay to start running again from my Doctor I figure I needed to start planning for when I get actually get out and hit the pavement…..OR snow covered ground.

Running in Winter

Running in Winter


I couldn’t just go out and run 5k without any pain coming my way….or injuries for that matter. So I thought I could take a two  different approaches to my first run:

  1. Walking + adding in running every few minutes for 30 -60 seconds. Using power poles as distances to run in between. OR
  2. Couch to 5k Program

It worked out that Lilly went down for a nap and I nursed Hilary and she fell asleep on Daddy’s chest (such a lovely sight if you ask me). So I geared up, laced up and hit the pavement.

It was more like snow-covered pavement so I put on my yak tracks and off I went. I walked at first to warm up and then decided I’d just go with the flow and run when I could for however long I could. I managed to run between 45-90 seconds before needed to slow down and walk again (and I took a few pictures along the way). The power poles were too close together so I gave that idea up pretty quickly.

Slight fail with my yak tracks :(

Slight fail with my yak tracks 😦

I was out for about 25 minutes on that cold Sunday afternoon. It was -9 C but felt like -17 C with the windchill – brrrr! Good thing I dressed warm. I got back from my run and had a quick snack of yogurt and granola, got cleaned up and got back into Mommy mode to feel Hilary again. Lilly woke up shortly after I got back and saw my running jacket out, she asked why it was out. So, I told her I went for a run. She then asked to go running with me numerous times throughout day…it was pretty cute.

After my cold run

After my cold run

In the past, when I take time off from running throughout the year, when I return to it again I always have pain in my jaw. Weird, eh?! It always happens. Sure enough my jaw was sore Sunday night. I thought I would really pay for it on Monday but my body wasn’t too bad. A little stiff and soreness here and there but nothing major. I would call that a successful return to running.

Now I have to find some time once or twice a week to get outside and run between my husbands work schedule, our girls, nursing the little one and many other things we juggle every day. Wish me luck!

Other work outs I am doing/going to start again:

  1. Starting back at my DVD workouts (Jillian Michael’s) soon
  2. Arm Workout
  3. Baby Belly Workout

What was your first postpartum run like?

For those with children, do you have to plan your runs?

Anyone braving running in the cold this winter?

Workouts last week Jan 20-27, 2013

I managed to do a few small workouts and get in my first run postpartum last week! Not to mention I carry around a 10 pound plus baby in my arms while squatting down to pick up things, carry her to the car, into the house/stores etc. My right arm is going to be so much stronger – I really need to start carrying her on my left more or I’m going to have one arm bigger then the other  😦


~Baby Belly workout before bed

~10 Minute walk with the girls outside (in the cold)


~Arm Workout x 3 reps

~Baby Belly workout x 2


~Arm workout x 2 reps


~30 minutes of Walking at indoor soccer facility

Friday and Saturday – nothing!!!!


~25 minutes of RUNNING ( and a little walking) – my first postpartum run!

Again, it was a pretty basic week of little workouts here and there and first run which I’ll blog about soon.  At least I am not sitting on the couch all day watching TV….

What workouts did you week last week?

What workouts do you have planned this coming week?

When I #workout I Feel….

How do you feel when you workout ?

I feel prettiest when ...

How do you feel when you workout?

How do you feel after you workout?

Piper’s Run

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday.

1. I love winter but not this winter. I’m a winter person. I truly love winter: the snow, the cold, x-county skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, sledding, even winter camping! I even worked outside for 5 winters in Ontario teaching skiing and snowshoeing, campfires at night etc.

But not this winter. This winter I am struggling to find the joys in winter, maybe it’s because I have a newborn and don’t want to take her out in the friggin’ cold weather (-14c, feels like -23c today). Or maybe it’s because I am suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome but not in my hands and feet like normal. This may be too much information but I have it while nursing my baby, yes in my nipples. And, it’s friggin painful and for that I don’t like this winter.

2. Disposable diapers are more appealing than my newborn cloth diapers. We cloth diapered our oldest starting at 2 months and at first I wasn’t sure I really wanted to but went ahead anyway. I LOVED IT! It was actually really easy. So, I thought I would invest in “newborn” diapers for Hilary and bought 12 really cute cloth diapers. They are great diapers don’t get me wrong but I am just finding that disposable diapers (right now) are easier. The downside to using disposables is the garbage pile going off to the landfill – hate that.

I find that these newborn diapers (for sizes 8-12 lbs) would be better for the smaller babies. As Hilary approaches 11 pounds they are getting a little snug and our “one sizes” diapers are still a little big for those tiny legs.

With that said we’ll use these newborn diapers as long as we can, when we can.

Cute little newborn diapers on Hilary

Cute little newborn diapers on Hilary

3. I will do my best to put “technology” second to my children. This morning I had the opportunity to spend some time with 4-5 young girls with babies aged 4-6 months old. The one thing I noticed is that they all had cell phones – no surprise there, right?!

Well, I was a little sad or maybe more disappointed that they would take out their phones and respond to a text and then continue to play on their phone while their baby sat and watched the screen. One even seemed frustrated that their baby was in the way of her phone. I understand if you have to answer a call or return a text but to ignore your child but your spending time playing on your phone isn’t cool (to me).

It was then that I agreed to do my best to put my girls first before using technology. Now, I don’t have a cell phone at the moment (had one for work) but I do have a lap top in my kitchen that I quickly check emails, Facebook and yes, WordPress but I do also use it for finding and then making recipes too.

My oldest know’s how to use an iPod because her Grandfather takes pictures and video’s of her and they look at them together. Which is fine by me. She even has a few “play” cell phones and two real phones that family members are no longer using. She carries one around with her, calling her friends and their parents – talks to them and even tries to take pictures. Monkey see, monkey do!

I guess I want my daughters to know that no email,text or message on my phone is more important than them and shouldn’t take my attention away from them; when really, that’s all they want.


Those are my random thoughts for today.

And……I may or may not be going for a run this weekend! OMG!


Anyone hating / loving winter this year?

Do you cloth diaper or use disposables? Or both?

What’s your take on using technology in front of your children?