Postpartum Life

Well, it’s been 1 month since sweet Hilary was born – hard to believe! I took a little break from blogging in December as it’s busy with a newborn, toddler, company, Christmas and being on my own but I’ll slowly get back into it AND start working out and blogging more about that too! Oh and the photo’s are not flattering but whatever, I just had a baby.

Week 1:

Dec 3rd  Hilary was born and I instantly lost 20 pounds. No, she wasn’t 20 pounds. More like 7lbs 14oz but there was blood loss, fluid loss, the placenta etc. Of course this day I was rather sore from giving birth naturally but I wasn’t prepared for the strain on my muscles in the week to come.

As I mentioned in my birth story part 2, I use the bed railings as a way to “help” push the baby out. Stupid idea! I guess I just needed to hold onto something and pull. Well, my arms and back muscles were all strained for a full week. My abdominal muscles ached with great pain also from pushing sweet Hilary out. I was a little concerned but knew it would get better over time.

Anna - 1 week postpartum

Anna – 1 week postpartum

Week 2:

It’s amazing what a week can do. I started to feel better exactly at the one week mark…still sore from giving birth. Common – I just pushed a watermelon out of my body. My arms, back and abdominal muscles were sore but not painful aching.

Around day 10 I managed to fit into my normal clothing! No more maternity clothing needed at this point! BONUS! As for weight loss I was down 28 pounds (I gained 42 pounds with Hilary!!!!)

Anna - 2 weeks postpartum

Anna – 2 weeks postpartum

Week 3

Christmas was upon us and family visiting from England. It was a great holiday but busy. Lilly was a little off track and challenging to get to bed and for her to listen to us. It’s a work in progress. I also gained a few pounds back and that’s okay the bad eating has slowed down and will stop soon.

Hilary and I are having challenges nursing. (With Lilly it took us 2 months to get her to latch properly because she was born premature). Hilary was ready to eat when she came out but we still had a few problems. We have a great lactation consultant here and we’ve been to the Osteopath once – they work miracles!

Week 4:

I sit here writing this post as quickly as I can because Hilary is napping for who know’s how long.

I’ve done NO exercise at this point and with the holidays I’ve gain a few pounds back but that’s okay I’m still in my normal clothing. I actually feel great about what I look like and physically too. Exercise is on the horizon and running isn’t soon far off.

Exercise plan: start walking at an indoor track next week (as it’s bloody cold out for a newborn right now), Running to start towards the end of January and getting more focused in February, good old Jillian Michael’s DVD’s and some weights/abdominal exercises. I’ve been writing down my fitness goals and new year resolutions and will blog about those soon.

Hilary is over 9lbs now, eating well and sleeping well too – lucky us.

No one tells you how hard it is with 2 little ones and apparently I forgot what it’s like to have a newborn. I’ve had to figure out new ways of managing both of them at the same time, which I’ll blog about soon….it ain’t easy.

Anna - 4 weeks postpartum and Lilly.

Anna – 4 weeks postpartum and Lilly.

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