24 Hours with a Newborn and Co.

Having a newborn around is one of the sweetest things ever – they smell good, they cuddle, they look at your eyes intently, oh and they poop lots! This is what our day (24 hours) looks like with a newborn and toddler…it’s not pretty – oh wait it is at times.

Let’s start at midnight…..

12 am Hilary and Lilly have been fast asleep. Sai and I may have had 2 hours at this point.

3 am (roughly) Hilary and I get up to nurse, this is our best of the day. Quick, painless and everyone is happy. I may change her diaper twice but she’s content after the feed and eager to cuddle. She doesn’t burp well so she ends up laying on my chest for a while so I can try to get the burps out.

Lilly sometimes wakes up at throughout the night…but Daddy to the rescue and she’s back in her bed (most nights).

4:30 am Hilary and I are finally asleep after nursing.

6:30 am Lilly is up and cuddling with me in bed, Sai is getting ready for the day (walking our dog etc).

7 / 7:30 Lilly is up and having breakfast with Sai; getting dressed, making lunch etc.

8 / 8:30 Hilary is up and feeding again. Lilly and Sai leave for day care.

9:30 I eat breakfast and maybe get dressed (ha)

11 ish I nurse Hilary again.

Mid day – I get a little lunch in me and Hilary naps. Laundry, dishes and a fire put on and other random stuff get started but not always finished. I check email, Facebook and my blog randomly throughout the day when time permits.

3 ish I nurse Hilary again and then bundle her up to head out the door.

4:30 pm We pick up Lilly, get home and play.

5 -6:30 pm We make and eat dinner. Sometimes nurse Hilary again!

7 pm Bath time for Lilly usually by Daddy as I’m nursing Hilary. She get’s ready for bed and hopefully in bed between 7:30 – 8pm. This has been a struggle lately as she wants both of us in to say goodnight and I am with Hilary. Hilary seems to cluster feed between 6-10pm and can’t get enough milk in her but then sleeps for a good 4-6 hours.

9 ish Hilary is hopefully asleep. I sometimes finish laundry, dishes or spend a few minutes with my husband before going to bed.



BUT, I wouldn’t change a thing.