Postpartum Baby Belly Workout #sweatpink

Wow, today Hilary is 7 weeks old….that went fast.

I’ve started my arm workout today and it was really easy to fit in – even with both daughters at home (Lilly was sick). She was relaxing and Hilary was asleep so I picked up my 5 pound weights and did a few sets of each. Not sure if the bones in my back liked the workout as they kept making noises. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been worked out in a while.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much in the way of exercise. I took the girls for a short walk (in the cold weather today) but haven’t managed to get out for a run. We are still working on Hilary taking a bottle and have only been successful once. Life sure is busy with a new-born and toddler even when our oldest goes to daycare, my 24 hour day go by fast so I need to fit in short workouts here and there until I can get out running.

I am fully committed to working out and running since I got the A-Okay from my Doctor last week. I recently came across this little workout and am putting it into action, as I have a little baby belly to get rid of before I start moving into some intense workouts.

Check out the video/workout: Dr. Oz – The Baby Belly Workout. It’s only 2:20 long and easy to do anytime of the day.

postpartum belly tiger stripes

What workouts did you do postpartum?

Did you jump right into workouts or build up over time?

How did you fit in your workouts with a newborn (and more children)?

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