Workouts last week Jan 20-27, 2013

I managed to do a few small workouts and get in my first run postpartum last week! Not to mention I carry around a 10 pound plus baby in my arms while squatting down to pick up things, carry her to the car, into the house/stores etc. My right arm is going to be so much stronger – I really need to start carrying her on my left more or I’m going to have one arm bigger then the other  😦


~Baby Belly workout before bed

~10 Minute walk with the girls outside (in the cold)


~Arm Workout x 3 reps

~Baby Belly workout x 2


~Arm workout x 2 reps


~30 minutes of Walking at indoor soccer facility

Friday and Saturday – nothing!!!!


~25 minutes of RUNNING ( and a little walking) – my first postpartum run!

Again, it was a pretty basic week of little workouts here and there and first run which I’ll blog about soon.  At least I am not sitting on the couch all day watching TV….

What workouts did you week last week?

What workouts do you have planned this coming week?

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