Hitting the pavement again !

I did it!

I ran my first postpartum run last Sunday and it was glorious!

Well…maybe not glorious but it couldn’t have gone any better. I feel great!

When I was given the A-Okay to start running again from my Doctor I figure I needed to start planning for when I get actually get out and hit the pavement…..OR snow covered ground.

Running in Winter

Running in Winter


I couldn’t just go out and run 5k without any pain coming my way….or injuries for that matter. So I thought I could take a two  different approaches to my first run:

  1. Walking + adding in running every few minutes for 30 -60 seconds. Using power poles as distances to run in between. OR
  2. Couch to 5k Program

It worked out that Lilly went down for a nap and I nursed Hilary and she fell asleep on Daddy’s chest (such a lovely sight if you ask me). So I geared up, laced up and hit the pavement.

It was more like snow-covered pavement so I put on my yak tracks and off I went. I walked at first to warm up and then decided I’d just go with the flow and run when I could for however long I could. I managed to run between 45-90 seconds before needed to slow down and walk again (and I took a few pictures along the way). The power poles were too close together so I gave that idea up pretty quickly.

Slight fail with my yak tracks :(

Slight fail with my yak tracks 😦

I was out for about 25 minutes on that cold Sunday afternoon. It was -9 C but felt like -17 C with the windchill – brrrr! Good thing I dressed warm. I got back from my run and had a quick snack of yogurt and granola, got cleaned up and got back into Mommy mode to feel Hilary again. Lilly woke up shortly after I got back and saw my running jacket out, she asked why it was out. So, I told her I went for a run. She then asked to go running with me numerous times throughout day…it was pretty cute.

After my cold run

After my cold run

In the past, when I take time off from running throughout the year, when I return to it again I always have pain in my jaw. Weird, eh?! It always happens. Sure enough my jaw was sore Sunday night. I thought I would really pay for it on Monday but my body wasn’t too bad. A little stiff and soreness here and there but nothing major. I would call that a successful return to running.

Now I have to find some time once or twice a week to get outside and run between my husbands work schedule, our girls, nursing the little one and many other things we juggle every day. Wish me luck!

Other work outs I am doing/going to start again:

  1. Starting back at my DVD workouts (Jillian Michael’s) soon
  2. Arm Workout
  3. Baby Belly Workout

What was your first postpartum run like?

For those with children, do you have to plan your runs?

Anyone braving running in the cold this winter?

11 thoughts on “Hitting the pavement again !

  1. Good for you! That couch to 5k program is awesome – I wish I could go for a run but I just can’t bring myself to go out in -42 degrees.

  2. That’s awesome!
    I did not start running until Parker was 2, but my 1st postpartum work out at 4 weeks was glorious and slightly painful!
    I “sort” of plan my runs, I decide on the fly when I leave, but I can pretty go any day that I want! Adam is so wonderful that way! However, I do try and be mostly considerate and leave once Parker is already in bed…so after 8:30pm.

    • Thanks Hanna. I felt like I was counting the days not only until baby arrived but when I could run again. Quite enjoy your blog these days – cute belly. Hope you are feeling great, can’t wait to read about the arrival 🙂

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