My 12 in 2012 Review

When I started blogging over a year ago I decided to attempt 12 “things” in 2012. Seeing that it’s now 2013 I thought I would update you on my list of the 12 things I attempted in 2012.


A random list of 12 things I want to do in 2012.

  1. Write one blog per week……52 in total. Managed 229 posts in total.
  2. Read a non-child/parenting or non-physical activity book for fun: Where We Belong – Emily Giffin in August.
  3. Hike Cape Split with Toddler (and husband, of course) – not in 2012 as baby #2 is arrived in December.
  4. Cook ALL Vegan meals for 1 week (my husband is a vegan but I am not). Nope – didn’t happen. We had many vegan meals but not 3 per day for a full week  – maybe this year?!?!? Some of my favourite vegan meals this year: butternut squash soup, vegan pesto linguine, and pizza rolls.
  5. Go to a movie by myself. March 3rd – The Vow – good movie! I thought it would be kinda cheesy to go to a movie by myself but it was actually okay. I went in the afternoon, got lost in the movie and then had the rest of the evening to myself.
  6. Get 8 full hours of sleep (in a row) Amazing, Lilly slept all night, therefore I slept all night Jan 3rd 2012.
  7. Take advantage of my medical plan and get a massage. Friday February 10th – it was so great. I also went for 3 prenatal massages in the summer and fall – Ah-maz-ing!
  8. Invest in new runners (notice I did not say “buy”). May 19th 2012 – Asics purchased :)
  9. Start practicing Yoga (again). February 9th attending Yoga Flow. Yoga once a week at home (DVD).
  10. Weekend Camping Trip with family (toddler, husband and dog). Did not happen while pregnant. On the lis for this year.
  11. Run a 10k in 60 minutes or less (not necessarily in a race). Not in 2012 but I am committed to this for 2013.
  12. Promote Blog on various sites. You can see on my Media Page where I’ve guest blogged, had interviews, a few awards from fellow bloggers. Also, I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador :)
Extra day in 2012, bonus goal: Write down weekly physical activity plan and stick to it.
Every week I wrote when I would work out and what I would do!


Anyone have 13 things they are doing in 2013?

What about a monthly challenge?

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