Life can pass by or slow down completely

The weeks seem to to be flying by…..Hilary is already 2months old!  week after week I plan blog posts and sometimes draft them but can’t seem to find the time time to finish them. Make them just oh so right!

Well, on Tuesday after going for a walk on at an indoor track I came home and started to spiral down hill. My legs hurt, my head was pounding…. I thought it was maybe because I hadn’t been working out and not drinking enough water.

Nope, not the case. Mama was sick!

It took everything in me to get through my afternoon with Hilary, pick up Lilly, make dinner, do our night time routine before my husband got home! I was getting worse by the minute. Nothing was staying in my body, my bones AND muscles hurt, my head was pounding…..time was passing by SO slowly I just wanted to cry.

And, I did.

I managed to get Lilly to bed, nurse Hilary and Sai got home and took over. Off to bed I went except to nurse Hilary when needed. I don’t remember being that sick before and being lactose intolerant….well let’s just say you can get used to getting sick. I did managed to loose between 2-5 pounds….I can’t really see the exact number on my scale but it’s gone down. I wouldn’t ever recommend being sick to loose weight….it just sucks the life out of you.

By the next day I was getting back to normal and today I managed to eat normal again.

So, I haven’t blogged but have many ready to go, and will hopefully get back to it soon.

For now I am cuddling with Hilary, trying to type this on an iPad and not enjoying the experience of doing so. I’ve made so many typing mistakes, but hopefully you won’t notice if I proof read right.

Some exciting news…….Nova Scotia is getting hit by a BIG storm this weekend!!!! Just google it and you’ll see. 40+ cm of snow to hit us! Saaaweat!

Don’t worry, I’ll take before and after pictures of all the snow and blog about it ….when I can.

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