Indoor Walking Isn’t Just For Mall Crawlers

Ever go to a mall on a weekday and see people walking before the stores open? I sure have…and GOOD for them. Walking indoors is a great way to be active, especially when the weather is too cold….or to hot! I never walked at the mall before the stores opened as I like being outside in any weather. Well, maybe not on an extremely hot summer day.

When I was on maternity leave with Lilly two years ago, our little baby group would go walking at an indoor track not far from where we all lived. It was great. Our strollers fit side by side, it was warm, we had a place to sit and nurse the babies if needed and washroom’s available. It was free, unless you wanted to give a donation in their drop box – it took me almost 2 months of walking to notice their donation box – whoops! This indoor walking track is actually at a hockey arena and located at the top so you can look down and watch people skating or playing hockey.

On Tuesday, before I knew I was going to be violently ill, Hilary and I went to the track. I was planning on walking for an hour but only managed 40 minutes. 40 minutes was enough as I was about to lose my marbles (stomach content) later in the afternoon. We arrived just before lunch time and had the place to ourselves. When 12 o’clock hit, skaters came out of nowhere, there was about 20 people of all ages skating. Note to self – buy skates/helmet for Lilly ASAP.

Hilary strolling at the indoor walking track

Hilary strolling at the indoor walking track

It was a perfect day to be inside walking as it was -13 C outside with a windchill of -23 C. Brrrrrrrrrr. This is one of my plans to get moving a little more this winter until the weather get’s better and we can be outside more.

Such a beautiful sight for me to stare at while walking

Such a beautiful sight for me to stare at while walking

Do you use indoor walking tracks in the winter?

Ever mall crawl before the stores open?

Big winter storm hitting Nova Scotia tonight and tomorrow – I can’t wait! Woohoo! We are expecting 40+ cm of snow….wish us luck!

Picture Source from Atlantic Canada Weather

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