Canada, #BellLetsTalk about Mental Illness

No, I am not a spokes person for Bell. But I do believe in supporting good causes and this is important one to me. Tuesday February 12th, in Canada for those with cell phones with Bell, if you text they will donate 5 cents towards mental Illness. Find out more info at Bell Let’s Talk.

And if you TWEET the hashtag #BellLetsTalk they will also donate.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their lives? Source: Canadian Institute of Health Research

So Canadians with Bell phones and those who tweet …. Let’s talk about mental illness. It happens to more people than we know it.  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks ….. I feel like I  don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced one of the above.

I have had a few panic attacks/anxiety before and yeah it sucked. It just takes over your body. But because I am a fairly active person, I have used running or working out in the past as a means of letting go of any anxiety or stress I may have at the time. And I believe you need to talk to someone about your stress, depression, anxiety, ADD, eating disorders etc., as it’s one of the best things your can do for yourself. Friends, family, working professionals are there to listen and help. They sure aren’t there to judge you or make you there worse, they are there to listen and help you.

So I write this because I want spread the word and get people talking more. AND I want help Bell donated money towards mental illness….so text and tweet #BellLetsTalk today.

Even if you don’t have a Bell account…if you have a Twitter account – get Tweeting #BellLetsTalk