How to Workout When You Have No $Money$

We are now well into February and I’m confident that those New Year Resolutions are still going strong with everyone who made them! Right? You haven’t given up yet, have you?

I feel like I’ve had a slow start but am working towards my resolutions, not easy with a 2 month old and toddler these days. Being on maternity leave has its perks: napping when baby naps, family dinners (I’m slightly failing at this one), time to work out. Time to work out ?!?!?! Not so much around here – I’ve got laundry to do, dishes to clean, a wood stove to keep going, not to mention nurse Hilary and pick Lilly up at the end of the day (plus a few other things).

For me, working out is about running outside (or walking with a stroller) and DVD workouts at home (when I get a free moment). For people who don’t have a lot of money (like me on maternity leave) it can be hard to find money for a gym membership or to wear the latest workout clothing. So here are few ways you can work out without any money or for very little.

1 – Walking: It’s one of the best activities you can do for your body. Walking – simply get moving a little more. Walk to the grocery store, walk for 10 minutes 3 times a day around your store if you work in retail. You can walk inside the mall or indoor track and outside when the weather is good. Heart & Stroke has a great program called Walkabout with great tips and tools to help you get moving.

2 – DVD’s from your Library. Get online or go to your local library and see what DVD workouts they have on hand. This is a good way to see what type of workout you want to try and then invest in the DVD later on if you really liked it.

Piper's Run - collection of DVD workouts!!!

Piper’s Run – collection of DVD workouts!!!

Plus it’s FREE!

A few at our local library: The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michael’s (various), Yoga, Dancing with the Stars!

3 – Magazine’s. Okay, so you need to spend a little money here – maybe $5. There are numerous magazine’s out there that provide workouts such as Fitness Magazine , Prevention and Self. You may need weights (cans of soup work too) or sometimes your own body to work against you.

4 – Body Rock TV. If your reading this then you have access to the internet therefore you have access to numerous workouts online. I came across Body Rock TV on Facebook one day and was rather impressed (I really suck at their workouts but they are really good).

5 – Pinterest. This has become my go to place not only for workouts but for new recipes, stuff to do with kids, holidays etc. You can check out my “Workout” Board on Pinterest for a variety of workouts you can print and keep on hand to do on those days when you need a new workout.

Get Started Workout

Get Started Workout

6 – You Tube. I feel like you can find everything on You Tube. Just type in “workouts” or get more specific (for women, yoga, prenatal, HITT workouts). One of my favourites is Tone It Up.

Did I mention walking? Seriously, get moving a little more. And not just a stroll around the grocery store. Get outside or to a walking track/mall and pound the pavement.

7. Running. As I’ve said before, running is one of my favourite workouts. You don’t need fancy or expensive sneakers but you do need a good pair of sneakers that won’t give you any problems (knee, back) or get injured. You don’t need fancy clothing but you do need to wear appropriate clothing; layers in the winter and preferably not cotton. If you only have a cotton shirt, wear it but make sure to change out of it ASAP as it will stay wet and you’ll get cold.

There are many ways to workout if you don’t have a lot of money. The important thing is that you just get off the couch and get moving.

how to work out when you have NO money

Piper’s Run

How do you workout when you can’t afford a Gym membership?

What’s your “free” way to workout?

Have you ever gone to the library for a DVD workout?

What’s your GO-To workout?

More importantly – how are your New Year Resolutions going?

8 thoughts on “How to Workout When You Have No $Money$

  1. Great tips. There are so many resources for little to no money. You can try for 30 days free too. I also love Bob Harper’s site. I think you get 2 weeks free. Then each service is only $10 a month. Not free, but way cheaper than a gym membership.

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