Running and a Milkshake #sweatpink

Running doesn’t happen all that often these days. Why? Well, I have many excuses: it’s too cold, I have an almost 3 month old, it’s too cold, there is snow/ice on the road, I don’t have a treadmill or gym membership, it’s too cold, timing isn’t right. Blah blah blah.

I managed to go for a run today! It was great. I need to plan my runs as I can’t leave my children home alone and I can’t take them with me as we don’t have a double jogging stroller (yet).

I nursed Hilary and she fell asleep, so I handed her off to my husband and they cuddled. I was kinda thinking about going for a run but did a little cleaning first (mistake number one). After checking with Sai, I got my gear together and was ready to leave and hit the road. Wouaaa wouuaaa wu wu wu wouuuaaaa I heard coming from the basement. Frig! I zipped up my jacket and went down to get my runners on. Wouaaa wu wu wouaaaaa again. I looked in and asked if Sai was okay. Yup! He said. I felt guilty … so I took Maclean with me (mistake number two).

Testing out my Pro Compression socks  - review coming soon!

Testing out my Pro Compression socks – review coming soon!

Running with a retired sled dog can be fun or just down right dangerous! I kept her close while running and then would walk so she could do her business and check the pee-mail at a few corners. She wanted to run and her running is my sprinting so I had to slow her down a bit. She kept me going when I wanted to stop and it was just the push I needed. However, it’s not fun running with a bag full of dog poo but it had to be done.

Maclean read to go!

It was a perfect day for a run; sun was out, cool air and the roads were clear for once! We ran, we walked a little and I felt pretty good. The fat on my ass and inner thigh’s were asking me “why?, why are you doing this again”. (Yeah I have fat). It was as if I had been on vacation and my muscles were non-existent but the fat was just hanging out.

Recently, I’ve been struggling to get outside and run. Actually, I’ve been struggling just to be active again. Yeah, yeah, just because I blog about working out and running doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with it from time to time. Apparently, now’s my time. Once you stop it’s SO hard to get back into it.  I am now on my way … I’ve decided to do the 30 day Shred again. I loved it the first time and I need to lose some weight and inches from my waist as I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress in June. June is not that far away folks.

Back to my run. I got home and Maclean was tired – success! I walked in the door to hear Wooouaaaa woouaaa wu wu woouaaaa again! She’d been crying almost the whole time I was out (25 minutes). The guilt came back and I sat down to nurse her again …. a milkshake for Hilary.

Are you watching the Oscars today?

Today is the day Sai proposed to me 6 years ago!

We got engaged in the afternoon and went to an Oscar party that night at work. 

I worked at an Outdoor Centre, so we all got dress up in costumes and I had the bling bling that night to show off 🙂 

Anyone run this weekend?

How do you plan your runs with little ones in the family?