What I learned this Easter Weekend

There is never a dull moment in our house these days.

1. Never wear good clothing when nursing a baby. NEVER. You will always get some form of spit up on your shirt and pants/skirt. Trust me.

2. Always go to your parents (family or friends) house for Easter dinner. Why? Because the ham you wanted so badly can and will turn out poorly and their’s is always perfect. (Such a disappointment).

3. When a toddler (almost 3 years old) and baby (almost 4 months old) frantically cry at the same time – RUN away from both.

4. The day after completing an intense workout, don’t stand while holding a 13 + pound baby for long period’s of time. It makes you want to crumble to the floor because your arms are like jello and your legs are still shaking from all the jumps and squats. Picture me lying on the floor like a star – yup that’s all I wanted to do today.

5. Teaching a toddler to blow bubbles that she got for Easter is like trying to floss their teeth – just don’t do it.

6. Chana Masala is so delicious – however your nursing baby might not agree with you hours later.

7. I don’t like hot cross buns.

8. Spring weather is upon us in Nova Scotia – whoop whoop!

9. My toddler lied to me today and had no problems with it! When asked if her sister Hilary got chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny – Lilly looked at me and said nope! They were all for me!

10. I love being a Mom.

And a bonus #11 from my personal Facebook page yesterday (not my Piper’s Run facebook page that get’s no comments 😦  boo )… a conversation mainly with my mother went a little something like this:

Anna’s post: Just got my ass kicked by the Live Lean Meltdown workout Brad Gouthro Fitness while both girls slept! #outofshape #sworetoomuch #kickassworkout

Mom comment: As your mother, I am so proud….

Anna’s reply: What about Mom ? That I am out of shape, I swore like a trooper or that I had a kick ass workout while the girls slept?

Mom’s comment: One out of the three….    

Thanks Mom 🙂 My guess would be that I swore too much!

How was your Easter weekend ?


A little random post…Happy Easter.

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week or so. We took a family trip to PEI, got to visit with some family and see friends. We took the girls swimming, Hilary for the first time and she loved it. No photo’s – I didn’t bring my camera – figured we had enough to lug with us. Next time.

Okay, so a few random thoughts….

1. When ever I hear “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston I want to Zumba! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve attended one of Suzi’s Zumba classes. But every time this song comes on the radio I may want to Zumba a little in my house. Funny eh!

2. I just did my first Live Lean Meltdown “Main Event” workout by Brad Gouthro Fitness. Let’s just say I swore way too much, I am completely out of shape and it was a kick ass workout.

3. We aren’t spending Easter with my family this year. Big Bummer. Since we were on the road for 5 days and again next weekend we decided to lay low this weekend and stay at home. So, we are having our own Easter here and I will cook my first ham … that I guess I will eat and maybe Lilly. Trying to figure out what vegan main dish to make for Sai. Humm….

Love this!

Love this!

4. I love look at babies faces when they sleep – oh so sweet.

5. I miss running. It’s been a little too long since I’ve been out. BUT, that’s all about to change starting on Monday. My husband and I are making a plan as we both want to get more active and in shape. He wants to ride (cycle) and I want to run so we need to come up with a plan since we have two little ones that need our time and energy too.

6. Carrying around a 13 lbs 5 oz plus baby is a great workout in its self! (And she’s almost 4 months – yikes!)

7. Last but not least. Hilary has been a sleep in her Ergo on me for a little while and just decided to FILL her diaper. Frig! This is going to be a good one I’m sure.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone.

What do you do for Easter?

Did you work out today? What did you do?

Does a random song on the radio make you want to move?

I Felt Like “Super Mom”

Yes, I felt like “Super Mom” yesterday. It lasted 45 minutes, let me tell you all about it.

Last Sunday, my husband and I took Lilly (2.5 years old) skiing for the first time – it was hands down the BEST DAY EVER! Today, Lilly was scheduled to be home as her day care sitter needed the day off. The plan was for me to take Lilly (and Hilary in tow) skiing again. My husband was supposed to work at 1 – 9:30 pm, which would have him at the hill all day and night and unable to get a few things done around the house. So, off we went…our day went something like this.

8 ish – Breakfast: this is not an easy or quick thing with a toddler and 3 month old.

8:48 am (only because I looked) we pulled out of the driveway and arrive at the ski hill at 9:30.

9:30 am I unpack the car, carried our bags, carried Hilary in her car seat and had Lilly “holding” onto one of the bags. We then proceed to purchase Lilly’s rentals, pass etc. Grammy and Grandad showed up! Phew! I got all the gear together; boots on, helmets, gloves and we’re all out the door (Lilly, Dad a.k.a Grandad, and me).

At this point, I’ve lost track of time. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature to be outside and very few people on the hill at this point.

After being on the bunny hill and completing two runs, Lilly decides it’s snack time. In we go, munch on a few snacks and I nurse Hilary who is just starting to get fussy with Grammy. Breastfeeding in public isn’t my thing but it’s the second time I’ve done it at the hill in less then a week – thank goodness for my “hooter hider” cover.

Mommy and Lilly skiing on the Bunny Hill at Ski Martock.

Mommy and Lilly skiing on the Bunny Hill at Ski Martock.

11:00 am We go back outside for 2 more runs – just me and Lilly. We met up with Grandad again and she managed to ski a little bit on her own – no hands from Mom, no poles from Mom, nothing! She skied a little and stopped at Grandad and did it over and over again, fell once but got back up and went again!

“Mommy, I skied all by myself” Lilly said with a big grin on her face. It was a great moment.

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

11: 45 am We went inside for lunch and hot chocolate which she had requested on the car drive to the hill – smart girl.

As we walk in and up the stairs I hear a baby crying. Not just crying but frantically crying and I slowly realise, that’s MY baby! I find my mom cuddling her in a quite spot away from others. I picked her up and once she figured out it was me she calmed down and eventually fell asleep. Ahhhhhhhhh……..we can relax and eat lunch now.

While Hilary took her famous cat nap, Lilly watched all the senior’s that were there for their year-end party and sipped hot chocolate and ate her lunch. We packed up our bags, returned our gear and back up to the car with some help from Grammy and Grandad.

As we drove off I thought about my morning and then reality hit: we needed gas or we weren’t getting home. The first gas station didn’t have pump n’ go, so off we went to the second one in view. I hate pumping gas when I have both kids in the car; I could never leave them in the car while I paid for the gas inside and taking both out was just a hassle – thank goodness for pump n’ go’s or whatever they are called.

Once we got back on the road I started to think about our morning again and felt quite proud of myself.  I felt like “Super Mom”.

I felt like “Super Mom”.

Now, I couldn’t have done this little adventure without my husband’s help in the morning or my parent’s at the ski hill. But I did manage both kids at the same time. Yes, I had a few moments of frustration but still manged to pull a fun morning off with both girls in tow. Successful. Mommy. Moment = Super Mom.

[Question directed at my parents – how did you do this for us… year after year?]

1:20 pm I managed to drive the 45 minutes home and kept Lilly awake the whole time, even when she said she was tired. We got home and got to spend a little time with Sai as his shift got pushed back to 4 pm. Lilly went down for a nap, I nursed Hilary and then we played until Sai had to leave at 3 pm.

That 45 minute drive home was a “Super Mom” moment I just had to share.

What’s your “Super Mom” moment?

Ever feel like you can’t accomplish anything?

Ever feel like you can do anything?


Well, besides the day I gave birth to both of my daughters, I have now had the BEST. DAY. EVER as a parent! We took our oldest who is just over 2.5 years old downhill skiing.

A little back ground info: I grew up downhill skiing and started at the same age as Lilly. We would go skiing on weekends, holidays, march break and even cut school to go skiing with my Dad’s school. We brought our lunches,  got a hot chocolate at the hill, learned how to ski, fall down and get back up again. I made many friends through skiing, kept up with the boys on the moguls and even got my Level 1 Ski Instructors course. I loved skiing and still do but I now have such a great appreciation for what my parents did for us growing up. They introduced us to life long activities but also encouraged us when we go into competitive sports too. Thank you Mom and Dad.

On Sunday (St. Paddy’s Day) we had planned on taking Lilly skiing even if it meant she only got on the ski’s and did 1 or 2 runs. Well, I guess we set our expectations too low as she did 7-8 runs with me and her Dad. A successful introduction to what skiing is, what the hill looks like and how much fun it can be.

All geared up and ready to go!

All geared up and ready to go!

I was like a kid in a candy store. I think I was more excited than Lilly….or my parents who came to hang out with Hilary and video Lilly skiing for us. It was such a great morning; no tantrums or meltdowns, we ate a healthy snack outside in the sun, Hilary loved being outside and watching everything going on and we made it home without Lilly falling asleep!

One Happy Mama!

One Happy Mama!

As a parent, I had the BEST.DAY.EVER because we were able to teach introduce our daughter to an activity that I love and look forward to doing as a family. I never thought I would feel so excited to introduce my children to these experiences and then be able to do this over and over again as a family. I feel very lucky that my husband and I value healthy living and being active and our girls will grow up knowing this and living it. Again, BEST. DAY. EVER!

Skiing with Daddy

Skiing with Daddy

What was your BEST.DAY.EVER. parent moment?

Do you introduce your children to life long activities or sports that you can do as a family?

What’s your favourite “thing” you’ve introduced your children too?

Piper’s  Run

Arm Workout for Wedding Season

With wedding season upon us, most brides and bridesmaids will be wearing shoulder – less dresses. I’m going to be a bridesmaid for the first time in June and I can’t wait. Our dresses are ordered, the wedding shower and stagette is planned and now I just need to lose a few inches of baby weight still and tone up my arms.

Check out this workout: Bachelorette Arm Slimming Routine

My other arm workout is lifting Hilary (12 lbs 5 oz) in the air over and over again – jiggly arms after that!

For more of Sarah’s workouts check her out here.

Happy Wedding Season!

PRO Compression Socks Review

In January I was given a pair of PRO Compression socks to review and I’ve finally had the chance to wear them a few times and give a review.

First off, these socks are AMAZING. And I’m not just saying that. I put them on one morning not to run but just to try them out and keep my legs warm on a cold winter day. My first thought was, “how am I going to put these tight socks over my big legs”? I’m not a skinny girl at all and have good size calf muscles so I was a little worried. My next thought was “are these going to cut off circulation to my feet” ? The only compression socks I wore was during my second pregnancy – yeah I had to wear some knee-high stockings for swelling and they worked like a charm.

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs - they fit!

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs – they fit!

As I was putting my PRO Compression socks on I seriously thought they would not fit me … but they did! I went on with my day; nursed Hilary, packed her up and went out for groceries. When I got back home an hour and a half later I had totally forgotten that I had compression socks on my legs.

Happy running feet

Happy running feet

Since they are made for running, I’ve went out for a run on another cold winter day in Nova Scotia with my dog, Maclean. I put them on and was a little worried that my sneakers were too big for me as the socks fit nice and snug compared to my normal running socks. Once I got running I, yet again, forgot that I had them on until 1/2 way through my run. Later that night my thighs were tight and getting sore but my calf muscles were fine.

I thought I would give them one more test.

My late night workout

My late night workout

I started the 30 Day Shred workout at home and knew exactly what I was in for – a physically rough day after this intense workout.  Nope, not the case with my calf muscles.

What I like about theme:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for every day use (especially in cold winter)
  • Fit your foot and leg as per the sizing
  • Not just meant for skinning legs 🙂
  • Fun colours and prints
  • Easy to buy online

I would totally recommend these for running or any intense workout you may do plus to wear after your workouts to help recover quickly.  I am looking forward to using them as I increase my distance outside and as I push myself to a new PR *hopefully* later this year.

Would I spent $50 plus shipping on these ? Yes, I would. Plus they have pretty cool colours and prints to choose from. I love the Marathon Purple or the  Pink Argyle.

Marathon Pink Argyle PRO Compression Socks

Marathon Pink Argyle PRO Compression Socks

Why wear compression socks? 

“Compression socks are specifically designed to not only give you an edge, but to help you perform better all around. Our socks can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression help expedite muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.” PRO Compression Website

 Do you wear compression socks for running? OR something else?

What do you do to recover after a hard run or workout?

PRO Compression Website

On Facebook and Twitter.

PRO Compression Contest  for those in the USA (bummer eh -fellow Canadians) 🙂 Go to here.

Place an order using coupon code MARCH (get 40% off and FREE shipping) to purchase any Marathon Socks or Calf Sleeves online at www.procompression.com 

How Do You LOVE Two Children Equally ?

On Monday December 3rd 2012, we welcomed our second daughter into the world and our lives changed for ever … for the better.  We got home a few days after she was born and started what would become our new routine for new the family of four: Mom, Dad, big sister Lilly and baby Hilary … oh and Maclean too 🙂

So many emotions. So many thoughts.  How am I going to do this? How am I going to feed the baby and manage a toddler? How am I going to love both ???? And equally? Oh My God, what have we done!

Well, one night I broke down and cried. I cried and I cried – seriously. So I grabbed a piece of paper to write down my thoughts (as any blogger does, ha!) and I passed the little pieces of papers over to my husband as I couldn’t even talk about it. I wanted him to know how I was feeling and we had a good conversation after he read it.

This is what I wrote about a week after she was born, I did not change any words.

Please note, I am not sharing this because I need a family member, friend or follower to write (or call) me to say that I’m doing a great job and not to worry.  I am simply writing this as this is what I felt one day and now I am ready to share it. I know that I’m not the only one to feel this way.


So, you have your first child and wonder what you did before her/him. You love her endlessly – to the moon and back … even when she’s too much to handle.  You teach her to play, walk, read, eat etc. You changer endless (cloth) diapers, wash umpteen loads of laundry, clean up food off the floor, scrub stains from clothing, cuddle, hug and sooth her when she is under the weather. You love her beyond anything you can imagine.

And then you have baby #2!!!!!

Lilly and Hilary February 2013 - so much love, xo.

Lilly and Hilary February 2013 – so much love, xo.

You prepare her to become a BIG sister for a few months and the changes that will come.  You know what to expect this time around but nothing prepares you for the love you have to split between 2 children.

How do you do it?  How do you care for your newborn, who’s needs are so great yet continue to care for your 2.5 year old who’s needs are so much more … so different?

How do you split your love? Does it just happen?

Mommy guilt sets in. You feel guilty that you no longer have all the time in the world for your 1st child because baby #2 is here now. You don’t expect to feel guilty about your new family and lifestyle but somehow you do. You’ve made the change as a family but the guilt sets in.

Mommy guilt – guilt in general sucks. It means you feel you have done something wrong but in reality you haven’t. The guilt for wanting 5 minutes to pee on your own; the guilt of a healthy pregnancy/baby; feeling guilty for wanting to go for a 20 minute run on your own; or that you want to sleep all night long and not get up to feed your little one and last but not least the guilt when you see your first-born while at the hospital with your second baby and realizing her life is about to change whether she likes it or not.

Guilt sucks and it will suck you in if you let it. You put it on yourself, no one put’s it on You.

So, how do you split your love for two children? Is there a right answer to this question or is it just life and you make it happen?  Do you curb your guilt because your kids are more important than feeling guilty? I don’t have the answers to the questions but I do have two children that I love dearly.  More than I could ever imagine a few years ago. I love my life, my two daughters, my husband, family and friends. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Okay, maybe a little more sleep. 

Little sisters

Little sisters

So, I sit here writing about how I am going to split my love between our two beautiful girls and I figure it will let itself just happen over time.  Neither will suffer without love, neither will notice that I am trying to balance both a toddler and newborn, neither will feel loved any less. Neither will know I am trying to balance my love.

As for the guilt, I’ll get over that and lose myself in a good long, hard run one of these days and it will slide off my shoulders and into the path I just ran. I can’t stress over splitting my love for each girl but I can shower them both with love every chance I get. Sometimes together and sometimes on their own.

The best thing about having a toddler and newborn is watching our oldest shower her little sister with love. At one week old, big sister Lilly has given Hilary more kisses, hugs and cuddles and love than a parent could ask for. She even sang Hilary “Happy Birthday” the night she was born with enthusiasm and gusto! Grandad caught it on video! 

I’ve never asked my parents how they split their love between three children. I’ve always felt equally loved by both of them. I am sure in time my thoughts on this topic will be nothing but that – thoughts – as I will have lost myself in our new lifestyle and splitting my love will just happen. And that’s exactly what’s happening now, as I post this (March 2013).


Again, I am not sharing this because I need a family member, friend or follower to write (or call) me to say that I’m doing a great job and not to worry.  I am simply writing this as this is what I felt one day and now I am ready to share it. 

Do you have multiple children?

How do you “share” your love?

Your thoughts?