PRO Compression Socks Review

In January I was given a pair of PRO Compression socks to review and I’ve finally had the chance to wear them a few times and give a review.

First off, these socks are AMAZING. And I’m not just saying that. I put them on one morning not to run but just to try them out and keep my legs warm on a cold winter day. My first thought was, “how am I going to put these tight socks over my big legs”? I’m not a skinny girl at all and have good size calf muscles so I was a little worried. My next thought was “are these going to cut off circulation to my feet” ? The only compression socks I wore was during my second pregnancy – yeah I had to wear some knee-high stockings for swelling and they worked like a charm.

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs - they fit!

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs – they fit!

As I was putting my PRO Compression socks on I seriously thought they would not fit me … but they did! I went on with my day; nursed Hilary, packed her up and went out for groceries. When I got back home an hour and a half later I had totally forgotten that I had compression socks on my legs.

Happy running feet

Happy running feet

Since they are made for running, I’ve went out for a run on another cold winter day in Nova Scotia with my dog, Maclean. I put them on and was a little worried that my sneakers were too big for me as the socks fit nice and snug compared to my normal running socks. Once I got running I, yet again, forgot that I had them on until 1/2 way through my run. Later that night my thighs were tight and getting sore but my calf muscles were fine.

I thought I would give them one more test.

My late night workout

My late night workout

I started the 30 Day Shred workout at home and knew exactly what I was in for – a physically rough day after this intense workout.  Nope, not the case with my calf muscles.

What I like about theme:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for every day use (especially in cold winter)
  • Fit your foot and leg as per the sizing
  • Not just meant for skinning legs 🙂
  • Fun colours and prints
  • Easy to buy online

I would totally recommend these for running or any intense workout you may do plus to wear after your workouts to help recover quickly.  I am looking forward to using them as I increase my distance outside and as I push myself to a new PR *hopefully* later this year.

Would I spent $50 plus shipping on these ? Yes, I would. Plus they have pretty cool colours and prints to choose from. I love the Marathon Purple or the  Pink Argyle.

Marathon Pink Argyle PRO Compression Socks

Marathon Pink Argyle PRO Compression Socks

Why wear compression socks? 

“Compression socks are specifically designed to not only give you an edge, but to help you perform better all around. Our socks can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression help expedite muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.” PRO Compression Website

 Do you wear compression socks for running? OR something else?

What do you do to recover after a hard run or workout?

PRO Compression Website

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PRO Compression Contest  for those in the USA (bummer eh -fellow Canadians) 🙂 Go to here.

Place an order using coupon code MARCH (get 40% off and FREE shipping) to purchase any Marathon Socks or Calf Sleeves online at 

4 thoughts on “PRO Compression Socks Review

  1. Pink + argyle = oh yes!!

    I have a pair of compressions I purchased at lululemon Boxing Day , which I haven’t tried yet.
    I always get confused if I wear them running or put them on after?
    After your review I see I CAN wear them running!

  2. Great review!
    Answering your questions above, I am a BF runner, so I usually dont wear socks…. I have tried the 2XU calf compression sleeves, but it was my experience that the compression, when not wrapping the whole lower extremity, caused pooling below it …..ya kow gravity and all….
    After a hard run or workout, a foam roller is my best friend and worst enemy….

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