I Felt Like “Super Mom”

Yes, I felt like “Super Mom” yesterday. It lasted 45 minutes, let me tell you all about it.

Last Sunday, my husband and I took Lilly (2.5 years old) skiing for the first time – it was hands down the BEST DAY EVER! Today, Lilly was scheduled to be home as her day care sitter needed the day off. The plan was for me to take Lilly (and Hilary in tow) skiing again. My husband was supposed to work at 1 – 9:30 pm, which would have him at the hill all day and night and unable to get a few things done around the house. So, off we went…our day went something like this.

8 ish – Breakfast: this is not an easy or quick thing with a toddler and 3 month old.

8:48 am (only because I looked) we pulled out of the driveway and arrive at the ski hill at 9:30.

9:30 am I unpack the car, carried our bags, carried Hilary in her car seat and had Lilly “holding” onto one of the bags. We then proceed to purchase Lilly’s rentals, pass etc. Grammy and Grandad showed up! Phew! I got all the gear together; boots on, helmets, gloves and we’re all out the door (Lilly, Dad a.k.a Grandad, and me).

At this point, I’ve lost track of time. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature to be outside and very few people on the hill at this point.

After being on the bunny hill and completing two runs, Lilly decides it’s snack time. In we go, munch on a few snacks and I nurse Hilary who is just starting to get fussy with Grammy. Breastfeeding in public isn’t my thing but it’s the second time I’ve done it at the hill in less then a week – thank goodness for my “hooter hider” cover.

Mommy and Lilly skiing on the Bunny Hill at Ski Martock.

Mommy and Lilly skiing on the Bunny Hill at Ski Martock.

11:00 am We go back outside for 2 more runs – just me and Lilly. We met up with Grandad again and she managed to ski a little bit on her own – no hands from Mom, no poles from Mom, nothing! She skied a little and stopped at Grandad and did it over and over again, fell once but got back up and went again!

“Mommy, I skied all by myself” Lilly said with a big grin on her face. It was a great moment.

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

Three generations skiing ~ March 21st 2013

11: 45 am We went inside for lunch and hot chocolate which she had requested on the car drive to the hill – smart girl.

As we walk in and up the stairs I hear a baby crying. Not just crying but frantically crying and I slowly realise, that’s MY baby! I find my mom cuddling her in a quite spot away from others. I picked her up and once she figured out it was me she calmed down and eventually fell asleep. Ahhhhhhhhh……..we can relax and eat lunch now.

While Hilary took her famous cat nap, Lilly watched all the senior’s that were there for their year-end party and sipped hot chocolate and ate her lunch. We packed up our bags, returned our gear and back up to the car with some help from Grammy and Grandad.

As we drove off I thought about my morning and then reality hit: we needed gas or we weren’t getting home. The first gas station didn’t have pump n’ go, so off we went to the second one in view. I hate pumping gas when I have both kids in the car; I could never leave them in the car while I paid for the gas inside and taking both out was just a hassle – thank goodness for pump n’ go’s or whatever they are called.

Once we got back on the road I started to think about our morning again and felt quite proud of myself.  I felt like “Super Mom”.

I felt like “Super Mom”.

Now, I couldn’t have done this little adventure without my husband’s help in the morning or my parent’s at the ski hill. But I did manage both kids at the same time. Yes, I had a few moments of frustration but still manged to pull a fun morning off with both girls in tow. Successful. Mommy. Moment = Super Mom.

[Question directed at my parents – how did you do this for us… year after year?]

1:20 pm I managed to drive the 45 minutes home and kept Lilly awake the whole time, even when she said she was tired. We got home and got to spend a little time with Sai as his shift got pushed back to 4 pm. Lilly went down for a nap, I nursed Hilary and then we played until Sai had to leave at 3 pm.

That 45 minute drive home was a “Super Mom” moment I just had to share.

What’s your “Super Mom” moment?

Ever feel like you can’t accomplish anything?

Ever feel like you can do anything?