What I learned this Easter Weekend

There is never a dull moment in our house these days.

1. Never wear good clothing when nursing a baby. NEVER. You will always get some form of spit up on your shirt and pants/skirt. Trust me.

2. Always go to your parents (family or friends) house for Easter dinner. Why? Because the ham you wanted so badly can and will turn out poorly and their’s is always perfect. (Such a disappointment).

3. When a toddler (almost 3 years old) and baby (almost 4 months old) frantically cry at the same time – RUN away from both.

4. The day after completing an intense workout, don’t stand while holding a 13 + pound baby for long period’s of time. It makes you want to crumble to the floor because your arms are like jello and your legs are still shaking from all the jumps and squats. Picture me lying on the floor like a star – yup that’s all I wanted to do today.

5. Teaching a toddler to blow bubbles that she got for Easter is like trying to floss their teeth – just don’t do it.

6. Chana Masala is so delicious – however your nursing baby might not agree with you hours later.

7. I don’t like hot cross buns.

8. Spring weather is upon us in Nova Scotia – whoop whoop!

9. My toddler lied to me today and had no problems with it! When asked if her sister Hilary got chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny – Lilly looked at me and said nope! They were all for me!

10. I love being a Mom.

And a bonus #11 from my personal Facebook page yesterday (not my Piper’s Run facebook page that get’s no comments 😦  boo )… a conversation mainly with my mother went a little something like this:

Anna’s post: Just got my ass kicked by the Live Lean Meltdown workout Brad Gouthro Fitness while both girls slept! #outofshape #sworetoomuch #kickassworkout

Mom comment: As your mother, I am so proud….

Anna’s reply: What about Mom ? That I am out of shape, I swore like a trooper or that I had a kick ass workout while the girls slept?

Mom’s comment: One out of the three….    

Thanks Mom 🙂 My guess would be that I swore too much!

How was your Easter weekend ?