Mama’s Night Out

Yup! Mama went out for a night on the town without both girls! Shocking, yes I know.

This night out was planned before baby H joined the world last December – yeah 4 months ago (post to come on that soon). I am a bridesmaid for the first time in a wedding this June for my friend Kelly. We chose the bridal shower date in April as it worked for everyone and the planning started. We had a lovely bridal shower in the afternoon and then planned the stagette for the evening. Drinks, dinner out and some games at one of the bridesmaids house.

Knowing I would have a (just) 4 month old when we booked the date, I knew it would be a hard night leaving her with someone else for the night. The first time is always the hardest. My husband stayed home with Lilly and they had a fantastic weekend hitting up the Farmer’s Market, playing soccer and getting some one-on-one time. She only asked for me once! Hilary on the other hand came with me to Halifax for the bridal shower and then was to hang out with Grammy/Grandad and Auntie Laura while I partied it up!!!

Over the last month we’ve had a challenging time with Hilary not wanting to be in the arms of someone else – even her father 😦 So, I figured the night would be a disaster and bottle feeding might be a challenge since I nurse her 99.9% of the time. She hasn’t had a bottle of breast milk in a few months which may have been a problem.

As I drove late to Jayne’s house and spent 15-20 minutes trying to find her place, I finally arrived. I was so flustered about not finding the place as it was a stupid error on my behalf – stressed out mama.

A group of 7 girls went out to the Bicycle Thief restaurant (North American Food – Italian Soul) for some AMAZING food. If you live in Halifax, this is a MUST GO TO! You can see their menu here, I forgot my camera so no food photo’s but this is what I ate:

  • Two-minute flash fried Calamari, garlic & sundried Tomato aioli
  • Linguine, green Asparagus, Sweet peas, scallions, fresh mint & basil, creamy Goat cheese.


Bicycle Thief - photo taken by bridesmaid Jayne

Bicycle Thief – photo taken by bridesmaid Jayne

Anyway, I managed to be away from baby H and survive the night – I had a great time. The stress slowly melted away throughout the night but baby H wasn’t far from my mind.

Hilary on the other hand struggled a little without mama; drinking less than 2 oz of pumped milk, crying until her legs were free from pants and socks but did managed to take in an NHL game on the TV.   Whatever works, eh! She went to sleep around 9:30 pm (not too far off her normal time) and slept well into the night. She was pretty happy to see me the next morning and not have to drink from a bottle.

My husband and I are already planning a night out in May for something with his Fire Department – let’s hope we have her taking a bottle by then.

PS – this took me all week to write, not because it was hard to write but because I’ve been so busy with baby H and de-cluttering the house.

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