Running for Boston #prayforboston

I’ve been in blog limbo since Monday. Not sure what to write but felt I had to write something since this blog is partly about running (not that I’ve been doing much of that lately). Anyway.

Monday afternoon I noticed a post on Facebook saying ” Praying for Boston” and I kinda thought it was weird. Until I scrolled down and saw another similar message and I started to feel ill about what I was going to discover. A terrible bombing at the finish – the video of it happening surfaced and I was shocked.

Actually, I cried.

Then I was hooked to my computer to see what was happening and thought of the two Canadian runners I knew running. [I found out later they were both okay and their families].

Every time I saw a new story, I would cry. Why would someone do this? Why did this happen? Those three who died and many injured was heartbreaking and those who could not finish their goal of completing the Boston Marathon gone. SO much dedication went into getting to the Boston Marathon – previous races, days on days of training, families and friends supporting their loved one over months of training, traveling to Boston in sight of great goals to be accomplished.

Honestly, I’ve avoided turning on the TV for the last four days because I know I can’t handle it. I see multiple post on Facebook and I hold back the tears.

Today, I will run for Boston. For those injured, killed and those who didn’t get to finish.


4 thoughts on “Running for Boston #prayforboston

  1. It has been heartwarming and somewhat comforting to see the way the running community has pulled together in support of the boston victims and survivors.

  2. My Dad’s run it a few times. He didn’t this year. I think probably to save the money they would have spent on Boston for my brother’s wedding. Another great reason to be happy about the wedding. I can’t imagine how I would have felt if my own Dad was running…

    • Lindsay – I’m sure it would have been extremely tough on your family if he was there. I love that he has done it in the past – that’s so awesome. Do you think he’ll run it again? I can’t even imagine what these families are going through, my thoughts have been with those families every day since it happened…I can’t see to get it off my mind. Thanks for sharing and yeah for the wedding!

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