Stroller Running – I finally did it!

It’s been a while since I’ve gone for a run – my own fault – no one else to blame. After thinking a lot about last Monday’s Boston Marathon, I thought I needed to get back to pounding the pavement on a regular basis. But with baby H 4  and a 1/2 months old now I have been struggling to get out. So, Thursday I finally got out with her in the stroller.

Running with a stroller is HARD WORK!

My husband and I both geared up for a run, we got Hilary in her car seat and then left in the same direction for our runs. He would be going in a different direction then us: much further, more hills and way faster than us. However, I would be pushing the stroller: 14 pound baby plus the weight of the stroller which turns out it’s 52.5 pounds (via Sear’s). Yikes!

Stroller Running #bostonstrong

Stroller Running #bostonstrong

I learned the hard way that running with a monster of a stroller is super hard – but you make do with what you have, right. RIGHT! I decided that I wanted to invest in a jogging stroller and found one online: second-hand for $100.

So this is what I got:

My new to me jogging stroller

My new to me jogging stroller

I’m thinking that running with a stroller is going to whip me into shape; hopefully in no time…..these roads won’t run themselves!

Running the roads

Running the roads

I was completely exhausted after this run, minus the fact that I have not run in weeks…okay months, pushing a stroller is hard work.  I am finally on my way and hoping this new stroller will help get me and Hilary back into running.

Post run survival mode ....

Post run survival mode ….

I think it’s time we put those shovels away, eh!

What was your first jogging stroller experience like?

Did you start off with a normal stroller or purchase a jogging one?

Happy Running!