So…I worked out the other day…

And now I hurt! ha!

I’ve been doing my best to be active again, even got back into running AND now running with a jogging stroller. Sweet!

Monday I had planned on taking baby H out for a run in her new stroller but I just didn’t have that oomph – kinda lazy but not really. So we laced up anyway and off we went. We walked for 15 minutes and I noticed she was quiet and had fallen asleep, so I did another lap to make it a good 30 minute power walk. We stopped to take our moment of silence for Boston and then kept on going. Even though we didn’t run I still felt like I had a good workout.

No pain no gain

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Que in Tuesday morning….

After nursing Hilary and getting her down for a nap I decided I needed to do a good, intense workout. So, I went back to my old faithful Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred DVD and turned on Level 2. I’m really bored with Level 1 the last little while so I figured it was time to move on. It was a great workout – just what I needed.

However, Hilary decided that nap time was over half way through my workout – Daddy to the rescue … until she saw me. Then all hell broke loose! I grabbed a quick shower and then nursed her again. Everyone was happy.

All day long I would climb up and down our stairs; with and without Hilary in my arms (all 14 pounds of her) and I felt like I was as light as a feather. My legs were strong and everything seemed easy. Ever get that awesome feeling after you workout, it’s like you’ve just accomplish something great and your body is reacting to it. Yeah, that’s how I felt. Really great.

Happy Anna after working out

Happy Anna after working out

Que in Wednesday morning after a night of “Operation – sleep in your own crib/bedroom” failed with Hilary (very little sleep).

My arms hurt.

My legs hurt.

My ass hurt.

My abs hurt.

My back hurt.

my hurting face :(

my hurting face 😦

Ahhhhhh…. All signs of a great workout.

AND, I will do it over and over and over again.

Wednesday was my rest day, a.k.a. 2nd recovery day – oh dear!

Do you love or hate that feeling, 24 hours after you work out?

What’s your favourite way to help your muscles heal after a workout?